Driver on 'Dancing' and Green Bay Future

Packers receiver Donald Driver, who is expected at offseason workouts this week, chatted with Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo on ESPN Radio on Tuesday afternoon.

On whether he's known more for being an NFL receiver or a dancer:

As a dancer at this point. It's more of the men, they still look at you as the NFL player, but I think the women look at you, ‘Hey, that's the guy from ‘Dancing with the Stars.' That's the guy that won it.' And then they say, ‘Oh, yeah, Donald Driver.' No one cares about you playing football anymore. They do care about you winning ‘Dancing with the Stars,' though.

On whether it was fun:

It was a lot of fun. If anybody got the opportunity to be on that show, you have to do it. Your career just goes from being normal to ridiculous. LA life is truly what they say — it's Hollywood.

On competing to win the title:

After Week 3 or Week 4, once I didn't get voted off first, Len just continued to beat me down. It wasn't that he was giving me bad comments. It's just that he wasn't giving me my 10. That made me push to get better and better. Then I just started dancing at the best of my game and he still didn't give me my 10 until the final dance, and that was the freestyle, that had nothing to do with ballroom dancing, nothing to do with Latin dancing.

On how he'll be treated in the locker room:

If I would have lost, it would have went over pretty tough because guys probably would have talked about me in the clothes, the tight pants, the shirt off. But since I won it, I think I have an upper hand on everybody at this point."

On how he got the opportunity:

Donald and Peta
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They asked me the year we won the Super Bowl but I had the injury from the Super Bowl so I couldn't do it. A good friend of mine, Hines (Ward), took care of business and won it. I got the offer again with a good friend of mine that worked it all out, Lammi Sports Management. They said, ‘Hey, here's the deal,' and I took the deal. I had to ask the wife to make sure she was comfortable with it, and she was. From there, I decided to push forward and just follow a dream. I've been watching that show since Season 1 and I've always made jokes that if I got on that show, I'd win it. And then I got the opportunity to get on there, and I wasn't going to let that opportunity slip away.

On setting the bar so high for future football players:

Emmitt (Smith) told me, when I saw him doing the finale, he said, ‘Look, everything you've done to this point, you're making all of us look bad. So, the next person coming behind you is going to have trouble.' I'd hate to see the next athlete get up there, the next football player, but I hope he does a great job.

On his future in Green Bay:

I'll be in Green Bay. I'm not going anywhere. I've always said I want to retire as a Packer. I think the organization knows that. So, we're going to come together and we're going to make a decision. One, two more years and then I'm going to put the cleats on the shelf and sit back in Dallas and relax with my family.

On the playoff loss to the Giants:

It was tough. When you feel like you can go back-to-back seasons and then you go out there and do things you haven't done all season long. We went into that game and we hadn't had any mistakes, any drops, any turnovers, and all those things happened to us all in one day within seconds. And then that cost us the game. We just didn't play our best football on the day that we should. We played (our best) for 15 games but when the (season) was on the line, we didn't step up and play the way we should have.

On when he lets go of that game:

When the season starts back up again. You dread it, because people continue to push at you and challenge you. ‘I don't know you guys lost this game. You hear it from fans, you hear it from fans from other teams. I especially got it when I hit New York. People were just chewing me out. ‘Oh, that's why we beat you guys.' You constantly hear it until it all starts over again. Once it starts over again, the (team) that won the championship last year, it doesn't count anymore.

On how he's held up physically in a sport that takes a toll on all players:

I have to give all honor to God because He's kept me healthy throughout my 14 years in the NFL. I know he's going to keep me healthy for the next couple years. I've always said, you've got to keep yourself in shape. Even during the show, I used to work out with my personal trainer before I even got to see Peta. So, my day was working out all day long to make sure that when I got back to camp that I was ready to go.

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