Q&A with Packers offensive coordinator

Here is how Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Tom Rossley responded to questions from the media after a practice during the team's recent June minicamp:<p>

on Brett Favre throwing before training camp:

"He's got to throw some. If he doesn't throw, we found three years ago that he came back with a sore arm. The last two years he's thrown between this camp (and training camp), and that's what we expect this year."

on using the shotgun offense:

"Overall we're getting some of the younger receivers on the same page, and it takes a little time. It's our third practice in this minicamp. We need to work it and get our timing down."

on tight end David Martin:

"It's time for David to step up. He's got a ton of ability. We need to get him staying healthy and making plays out here. He's a veteran now. He's not a rookie. He's not a young guy. We expect him to contribute in a big way."

on if the concussion Martin hurt his confidence:

"It set him back. He never really jumped in and got in the flow. The problem is when you get an injury during the season, it's hard sometimes if you're out for a while and you're young to get back in."

on tight end Tyrone Davis:

"He's got to trim a few pounds. He's a little bit heavy right now. He lives down in Houston and you'd think the heat would take it off of him, but he reported a few pounds heavy, so we got to get him a little bit lighter."

on if Davis' lack of conditioning is frustrating as a coach:

"I'm sure (Davis) gets frustrated as well. He knows that that's the constant nag that we've got with him, that he's got to get his weight down. We need him to contribute and be competitive with David (Martin). He's talented. We've just got to get him to being at his best."

on running back Lamar Smith:

"He's a veteran guy that still has some playing ahead of him. You never have enough reserves. We found last year at the end of the year, we really got thin. We lost Najeh and we were down in running backs. Having him here and competing, it makes those others better. You can see what it's done for William (Henderson). It really helped William to have a new fullback come in."

on Donald Driver's progress last year:

"I kind of expected it because of the way he practices and his approach to the game, and the way he finished the previous year. Giving him a chance to be a starter and be a leader out here. I wish we had about four or five (receivers) just like him."

on Craig Nall's progress in NFL Europe:

"We watch all the tapes and we follow him close. The last couple weeks he's really come on. I think he's showing what we had hoped he would show over there, and that's an ability to lead a team and make good decisions. His completion percentage has been outstanding."

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