NFL Supplemental Draft

No podium, no television and definitely no glamour - welcome to the 2003 NFL Supplemental Draft.<P>

Here are a few facts to digest while waiting for the not-so-highly anticipated results:

*According to the NFL, a total of 32 players taken overall in the previous 26 supplemental drafts.

*There have been multiple drafts in the same year -- they had four of them in 1985. *Teams have the option to pass when their turn arrives.

*Only the Irish: The supplemental draft started in 1977 when a Notre Dame running back was declared academically ineligible. Instead of waiting for the next year's draft, the NFL allowed him to be drafted long after the official event. Thus, the "supplemental draft" was born.

*The NFL used to pull names out of a hat to determine the draft order. According to the league they would "go down the list, offering each team the chance to make a selection. A team got the chance every round to make its pick. If a team made a pick, they had to forfeit a pick in the subsequent draft -- the bigger draft with the college players. Sometimes, rounds would go by where nobody made a pick. Sometimes the entire draft would go by without a player being picked."

*Now instead of "drawing straws," the league uses the previous year's draft order.

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