Nothing's Guaranteed for Drayton

Veteran Troy Drayton and the Green Bay Packers agreed to a one-year deal on Sunday, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the Packers' woes at tight end are finished. Green Bay likely will continue to search for another tight end.

"Like everyone out there, they're all having an interview, and this is his right here," said Packers coach and general manager Mike Sherman.

Drayton, 31, is a ninth-year pro who caught eight passes for 70 yards last year for Kansas City. He spent three-plus years with the Miami Dolphins, and was with the St. Louis Rams prior to that.

Drayton's one-year deal is for the league minimum of $477,000. He played for the league minimum last year as well in Kansas City after playing out a four-year, $6.85 million deal that he signed with the Dolphins.

Drayton's career took a downward turn in 1999 when he injured his right knee, but he is a good blocker and brings experience to the Packers behind second-year pro Bubba Franks. Rookie David Martin and first-year pro Adam Newman are others trying to win a roster spot behind Franks.

If Drayton is going to make the team, he'll have to lose about 10 pounds off his bulky 270-pound frame, and learn the Packers' offense.

"Some of the terminologies are the same, but there are a lot of little things that you have to learn with this offense. Those little things are the critical things that make a difference between you being a good player and you being a great player."

Drayton says he is familiar with many of the offensive line calls because he played in Miami when Packers offensive line coach Larry Beightol was there.

Veteran tight end Tyrone Davis is expected to miss at least the first six games, and possibly the entire season, after undergoing surgery for a torn hamstring on July 6. Davis was expected to back up Franks this season.

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