Rachal provides nastiness up front

Chilo Rachal had a solid performance yesterday in his first start at left guard for the Bears. Bear Report talks with Rachal about the Rams, his mindset as an offensive lineman and more.

Chicago Bears offensive lineman Chilo Rachal doesn't like to live in the past. His goal is to continue moving forward. After yesterday's contest against the St. Louis Rams, in which the offense was able to muster just one touchdown, having a short memory will be crucial.

"Every game's not going to be 50-60 points," Rachal said. "We've just got to come out and execute. We're going to make mistakes. We've just got to learn from the mistakes and get back and execute."

The offense struggled for the second week in a row and had a hard time establishing the run game. The club picked up 104 yards rushing but 21 of that came on a Jay Cutler scramble. Starting rusher Michael Bushe had just 55 yards on 18 carries and backup Kahlil Bell could only muster 20 yards on 10 carries.

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"There's always room for improvement but we fought," said Rachal. "As an offensive line, we'd love to have the 100 yard games. We've just got to go back to the drawing board and make corrections and get better."

Despite the subpar results, Rachal did provide a spark on the interior of the offensive line, an area that needed a boost. The player Rachal replaced in the starting lineup, Chris Spencer, struggled mightily in the first two regular season games. Rachal stepped in and added some attitude to a once-lifeless position.

"We're the big nasties," said Rachal. "We can't look at other positions to be nasty. As the offensive line, the team feeds off our energy and us being upset. So that's just our style, my play, is just to be pissed off."

Rachal started 39 games in four seasons for the San Francisco 49ers, all at right guard. Yesterday's start was his first at left guard.

"I was excited. I wouldn't say nervous but just excited to be back out here. I've got 10 people counting on me. It was overwhelming in the beginning. I have my family in town, just excited."

As expected, there were some speed bumps but overall it was an impressive performance for a player with no experience at the position.

"Me, individually, I feel like I can always get better. I'm never happy with my performance. There was a couple of plays that I want back. I'm going to go in there tomorrow early and critique myself and get back to it."

The goal now for Rachal is to improve at his craft. He had some quality blocks against the Rams but an equal number of missed opportunities. Consistency will be the key. If he can continue to develop his balance and technique, while furthering his chemistry with the other four offensive linemen, he'll help solidify an offensive line that has struggled in the early going.

333"I'm new to the group so we've got to get that chemistry going. But I felt that we fought," said Rachal. "That's one thing that's good, we fought. Some people are going to make mistakes but you learn from it and you go back and get after it."

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