Twitter Uproar Amid Controversy

A Wisconsin politician Tweets commissioner Roger Goodell's phone number, saying this season will be a "joke" if a deal isn't struck with the real referees. Meanwhile, the Packers aren't the only ones ripping the league and the replacement refs 140 characters at a time.

NEW YORK — One politician let his feelings be known after the wild ending of the Seattle Seahawks' 14-12 victory over the Green Bay Packers on Monday night.

Wisconsin State Senator Jon Erpenbach, D-Middleton, tweeted NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's office phone number three times after the replacement officials mishandled the final play of the game. Seattle's Golden Tate pushed one Green Bay defender out of the way then wrestled another for the ball and was awarded a disputed touchdown on the final play.

Erpenbach said in a separate tweet that if Monday night's ending did not spark an end to the lockout of the regular officials "this season will be a joke."

Meanwhile, here's a compilation of Twitter reaction to the controversial ending of the Green Bay-Seattle NFL game on Monday night:

— "Got (robbed) by the refs.. Embarrassing. Thanks nfl" - Green Bay offensive lineman T.J. Lang.

— "Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs." - Lang.

— "13th man beat us tonight." - Green Bay tight end Tom Crabtree.

— "Drama. Great for business. Godspeed, Ed Hochuli." - Houston Texans running back Arian Foster.

— "I simply just LOVE the NFL to much to see these mistakes. I'm sick like I just played for the Packers" - Miami Heat star LeBron James.

— "This is what the NFL has come down to, & yet they tell you to respect the shield! Lol. But they'll try to fine us for everything thing we do." - Arizona defensive end Darnell Dockett.

"— These games are a joke." - Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current NFL broadcaster Troy Aikman.

— "Not gonna watch another nfl game until real refs r back. What a farce" - Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki.

— "I would love to see what my reaction would be if a Mavs game ended like MNF. (hashtag)Expensive" - Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

— "Maybe they will actually start to think the regular refs are important. How many games can they screw up before people think its important." - Atlanta pitcher Paul Maholm.

— "That is unreal. I'm actually mad and I don't even have a dog in the fight. I'm sick." - Tampa Bay third baseman Evan Longoria.

— "That's the worst thing I've ever seen." - Texas Rangers catcher Mike Napoli.

— "NFL should not be played anymore" - Napoli

— "I feel sorry for these Refs i really do. They're doing the best they (can) but that aint good enough please bring back the real thing. (hash)Truth" - Former NFL star Deion Sanders

"All nfl fans watch the Ryder Cup this week, we got no refs." - Masters champion Bubba Watson.

— "These refs gotta go I'm sorry" - Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush.

— "These refs are in Over their heads!!! OBVIOUSLY!!!" - Actor Samuel L. Jackson.

— "Disgusting. Can't wish you a good night because that's not possible. Shame. Shame. Shame. Just disgusting" - NFL agent David Canter.

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