Reynolds Off to Slow Start

Jamal Reynolds, Green Bay's top draft pick this season, is quickly finding out that he'll need more than just speed to get to the quarterback in the NFL. The rookie defensive end from Florida State has been stopped often by Green Bay's offensive linemen in individual drills and in scrimmages at Clarke Hinkle Field.

It also hasn't helped that Reynolds is shedding weight off his 266-pound frame in the hot and humid weather that blanketed Green Bay at the start of training camp. But Reynolds says he can't be concerned about losing weight at this point.

"I'm tired of it," said Reynolds. "I hear it a lot and it's getting kind of aggravating. Hopefully I can just step in and show people that I'm big enough to play."

Bigger players can lose 5 to 7 pounds after two-a-day workouts, but many of them gain it back through weightlifting and eating between practices.

The 6-foot-3 Reynolds has often been kept in check by massive tackles Chad Clifton and Earl Dotson in individual drills.

"He still has to learn, from our defensive coaches, how to rush the quarterback," Sherman said. "He has a good burst off the ball, but he still has to know how to use his hands. What worked in college won't necessarily work against the guys we play all the time."

The real test for Reynolds will come in game action, beginning this Saturday night in Cleveland.

"Early on he's thinking about his footwork; he's thinking about the linemen; he's thinking about personnel; he's thinking about a lot of things," said defensive coordinator Ed Donatell. "As he gets the repetition, he'll play more natural."

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