Promoted DL Shows Potential

Expecting he'd be promoted to the active roster last week, Packer Report talked to Jordan Miller and his position coach, Mike Trgovac.

Jordan Miller thought he might be promoted to the active roster to add depth to the defensive line last week.

Instead, he got the call on Tuesday.

Figuring he might be promoted for the Detroit game, Packer Report talked to Miller and position coach Mike Trgovac on Friday. Here's what they said.


What was Trgo's message to you this week?: Just be ready. If my name is called, just make sure you know what you're doing to help this team win.

Knowing that, was there a little extra spring in your step this week?: Not really. I feel like I prepare the same way every week. Just go out there and work hard. There wasn't any extra juice or anything like that. Just go out there and work hard.

You've been waiting for this moment for a long time after not playing at all with Chicago last year?: It's been a long time coming, man. If it was to happen this week, it would be a blessing. I've been working hard for some time now. It would be great.

What kind of player are you? You're mostly just fodder for the others when we're allowed to watch: (Laughs.) I'm all right. I'm not going to sit here and say I'm the best ever. I'm OK. I feel like that I'm a hard worker and I make my plays when they come to me and play inside the system.


Can Jordan Miller help you?: Jordan's a good football player. I like Jordan Miller. I had a long talk with him (on Friday) about making sure he's not in practice-squad mode – that he's learning the defenses. Some guys get on the practice squad and they sit there and watch everything but they don't hear and listen to everything. I like Jordan Miller as a football player. Now, I've never seen him in a game so that remains to be seen, but he's a good football player.

Is he a run player?: I think he can do both. He's 317 pounds and he can squat down and do what we do. He can tie people up.

What kind of progress have you seen?: It's hard to measure that because he doesn't get a lot of our defensive snaps. He ends up, with all of our injuries, the poor kid's dead after practice (because) he's playing offensive line and he plays defensive line. The poor kid is dead after practice. He's a good football player. He's got some good skills to him. We haven't had the time to train him on our stuff. I think he can be a good little pass rusher in there. He's got some good skills with his hands and his hips. ... Let's put it this way: In the drills and stuff like that, I like what I see. I would want to reserve my call until I see him in a game.

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