Senior Bowl: Top 5 DL

MOBILE, Ala. - As both teams in the Senior Bowl sported full pads Tuesday, the offensive/defensive line intensity picked up in front of NFL scouting personnel and coaches. Scout isolated a handful who stood out a bit more than the rest defensively.

1. Ezekial Ansah, BYU - Certain players just seem to take advantage of opportunity without having quite mastered every technique in doing so, and Ansah fits that mold. The former basketball player plays more athletic than one thinks, but the raw talent often leads to wins against some polished offensive linemen. He made it look real easy over the first two days of practice with both speed and power, coupling with his lack of football experience to make his NFL ceiling one of the most talked about things in Mobile.

2. Alex Okafor, Texas - The only player to get completely aroudn the edge untouched on Tuesday was Okafor. Whether it was a spin move, bull-rush or a combination of multiple moves, the Texas Longhorn was in the backfield with ease more times than not. He was one of a small few to dominate during 1-on-1 drills as well as during the team sessions against both the run and the pass.

3. Michael Buchanan, Illinois - He had some battle's with Syracuse's Justin Pugh that resulted in some post-play scuffles, but each player built on that intensity the rest of the day. Buchanan made his mark with quick moves at the point of attack, eluding blockers before using his fast hands to ease around each. Combined with his long reach, and it goes a long way off the edge.

4. Sylvester Williams, North Carolina - Easily the quickest off of the defensive line on Tuesday was Williams. The explosive nature of the quick-twitch translates to power as well, helping him to get through or around blockers on the interior en route to disruptive plays during the team portion of the day.

5. Datone Jones, UCLA - Eric Fisher was the most dominant player at the Senior Bowl Tuesday by most accounts, but the only player to beat the Central Michigan offensive lineman on multiple occasions was Jones. He got the better of him off the edge on one occasion, and used that to set up a victory with a counter move soon after. The two went at it similar all morning.

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