Woodson Sees 'No Opportunity' with Packers

Here are selected questions and answers from Charles Woodson's in-studio interview on NFL Network.

Free agent defensive back Charles Woodson was live in-studio on NFL Total Access on Thursday night. During the show, he talked about the Green Bay Packers and the struggles of being a NFL free agent as a 15-year veteran:

On if he would return to the Green Bay Packers:

"I don't want to speculate on that because I have not heard anything from Green Bay. We parted our ways a couple months ago. They told me they were moving on. I guess I took that to mean there was no opportunity to go back so I am looking for a future with another organization."

On if the Packers addressed their weaknesses this offseason:

"The one thing you know about the Packers is they're always going to have a lot of draft picks. So from that standpoint, of course they got a lot of people that they can plug in some places. The key for them is will [Bryan] Bulaga – who I think they're switching to left tackle – will he be able to make that transition to left tackle? Aaron needs that help upfront to help him stay upright. He took a lot of sacks last year."

On the Packers drafting running backs Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin:

"I wish they would have done this a couple years ago is bring in a couple of dominant running backs like they did with Lacy and Franklin. Those guys are going to take a load of pressure off [Aaron Rodgers'] back and allow him to do what he does."

On if Packers linebacker Clay Matthews is in for a big season in 2013:

"I like the young guy they got, Datone Jones; he's a guy that shows some quickness, a guy that you hope can get up through the line, put some pressure on the quarterback and allow Clay to do what he does. If he can do that – Clay had a monster year without anybody else. You give him another formidable guy he's going to have a good year."

On his future as a NFL player:

"If it were left up to me, I will be in the NFL again this coming season. Right now, it is kind of slow out there, the options have dried up but I am still waiting for an opportunity to play for a team, help a team win. So I plan on playing in the future."

On being one of the many free agent veterans currently available:

"It is kind of the process, but at the same time it is frustrating. You have guys that can flat out play football. You look at Dwight Freeney and what he is able to do. They had a system last year that is different than he is used to playing, but he can play football. John Abraham, he led his team in sacks and you say ‘we don't have a spot for you on our roster?' I can't understand that. Myself, I am just a ball player. I need to be on a team."

On if he wants to play for a contender:

"When this process first started out, that was my thing, I needed to go to a contender. I know I am towards the end of my career. At this point, I want to play football. So if it is a rebuilding stage, at this point if that is the circumstances I have to play under, then that is what I am going to do."

On how a team would react to an openly gay player in the NFL:

"With Jason Collins coming out and letting everybody know he was gay, it forces you to deal with it. If you're someone who is against gay people, then my question is what you're going to do once a player comes out in your locker room? Are you going to quit football? If you're a coach and you don't like the fact that a player is gay, are you going to stop coaching? I don't think so. It would force guys to deal with it and you'd get over it. I'm sure there are probably players in the locker room that have thought another player was gay in the past. It's not going to stop you from playing football. Life will go on and everybody will keep going out there doing their job."

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