Packers Training Camp Countdown: 16 Days

Every day until the start of camp on July 26, we'll provide one juicy nugget to whet your appetite for the return of football. We'd give you more but the CBA forbids two-a-days. Sorry. Ageless Ryan Pickett continually is one of the Packers' most productive defensive linemen

Based on his salary cap charge of $6.7 million, Ryan Pickett is the fifth-most pricey member of the Green Bay Packers.

That might seem out of line for a part-time player, but Pickett has been an invaluable member of the defense since arriving in 2006.

Since Dom Capers arrived as defensive coordinator in 2009, Pickett has been the rugged rock in the middle of the defense. He is far and away the defensive line's leader in terms of tackles on a per-snap basis. In fact, he led the unit in that category in 2009, 2010 and 2011 before being unseated by C.J. Wilson last season.

"I think Ryan has some more football left in him. I really do," defensive line coach Mike Trgovac said at the end of last season.

After missing a combined seven games from 2009 through 2011, Pickett played in every game in 2012. Not only did he play in every game, but he played in more snaps than ever since Capers' arrival. After being held to 347 plays in 2009, 377 plays in 2010 and 466 plays in 2011, Pickett was on the field for 582 snaps in 2012, according to That was about 52 percent of the snaps, though only more than 53 percent in four games.

With the retirement of Donald Driver and release of Charles Woodson, the 33-year-old Pickett is the team's oldest player by a considerable margin; Johnny Jolly, John Kuhn and Tramon Williams are 30. Age and salary notwithstanding, Pickett's position on the team seems about as secure as possible.

"I think he fits our defense and takes pride in what he does there," Trgovac said. "He fits the defense, he works hard at it and he played in all 18 games this year. I think it was big for him not to miss a practice; I can't remember one that he missed. He was able to stay healthy this year. He came into training camp in relatively good shape. I didn't see him fall off at all this year. I think he definitely has another good year left in him."


Tackles: From coaches' count. Snaps: From

PICKETT: 2012: 75 tackles; 582 plays. 7.76 plays/tackle. 2011: 54 tackles; 466 plays. 8.63 plays/tackle. 2010: 53 tackles; 377 plays. 7.11 plays/tackle. 2009: 47 tackles; 347 plays. 7.38 plays/tackle. Total: 229 tackles; 1,772 plays. 7.74 plays/tackle.

WILSON: 2012: 37 tackles; 280 plays. 7.57 plays/tackle. 2011: 35 tackles; 384 plays. 10.97 plays/tackle. 2010: 21 tackles; 232 plays. 11.05 plays/tackle. Total: 93 tackles; 896 plays. 9.63 plays/tackle.

DANIELS: 2012: 19 tackles; 231 plays. 12.16 plays/tackle. Total: 19 tackles; 231 plays. 12.16 plays/tackle.

RAJI: 2012: 46 tackles; 658 plays. 14.30 plays/tackle. 2011: 43 tackles; 885 plays. 20.58 plays/tackle. 2010: 66 tackles; 884 plays. 13.39 plays/tackle. 2009: 36 tackles; 355 plays. 9.86 plays/tackle. Total: 191 tackles; 2,782 plays. 14.57 plays/tackle.

JOLLY: 2009: 75 tackles; 807 plays. 10.76 plays/tackle. Total: 75 tackles; 807 plays. 10.76 plays/tackle.

NEAL: 2012: 18 tackles; 266 plays. 14.78 plays/tackle. 2011: 5 tackles; 152 plays. 30.40 plays/tackle. 2010: 5 tackles; 81 plays. 16.20 plays/tackle. Total: 28 tackles; 499 plays. 17.82 plays/tackle.

WORTHY: 2012: 23 tackles; 467 plays. 20.30 plays/tackle. Total: 23 tackles; 467 plays. 20.30 plays/tackle.

MILLER: 2012: 0 tackles; 15 plays. 0 plays/tackle. Total: 0 tackles; 15 plays. 0 plays/tackle.

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