Jennings Not Worried About Reception

Greg Jennings talked about facing the Packers again, going to Lambeau Field for the first time as a member of the Vikings and injured Aaron Rodgers.

Here is what Greg Jennings had to say to Vikings beat writers on Thursday. Jennings, who missed last week's game at Seattle due to a sore Achilles, will face his former team, the Green Bay Packers, on Sunday. Quotes provided courtesy of Viking Update's Tim Yotter.

What kind of reception do you expect?: "I really don't have any expectations for a reception. That's not why I'm going over there, to get a reception. I'm going over there to focus on getting the Vikings a win, focusing on us and trying to get better."

Will it be strange being in a different locker room?:  

"It's definitely going to have to be in the back of mind for later. I'm sure it's going to hit. I mean, it was strange when they came here, watching their offense on the field and me standing on the other sideline. It was different. It was a different feeling. I'm not going to sit here and act like it wasn't. So, I definitely expect for it to be different, but I can't get stuck in that. I can't get caught up in that. We're going over there just like any other road game, to get a win, to try to better who we are and what we're trying to do as a team. That has to be the mind-set."

How are you feeling?: "I feel good. I feel fresh. I feel really good, extra days off. Body feel's good. I'm ready to go."

Do you like playing in the cold?: I like playing football. Wherever football needs to be played on Sundays, Thursdays, Mondays, and in the playoffs on Saturdays sometimes, I just like playing the game of football."

How concerned were you when you woke up on Sunday?: "It wasn't the best feeling in the world. I would say it's frustrating, but I try not to let things frustrate me. But for not knowing what word to define and use, I'll say frustrating because you prepare all week. I knew I had something going on. It kind of just jumped on me and I was expecting for it to just jump off. So, then you go out there and can't really do what I need to do to be successful and help my team, I wasn't going to put myself in a situation that would worsen my situation. Then it was something new. I've never dealt with an Achilles before. I was in good hands. Sug took good care of me."

Is it more concerning when you hear ‘Achilles'?: "The way it felt it was definitely concerning. It was definitely a concern and I think we took the proper precautions to wait it out and to see how we felt. But like I said, the training staff did an awesome job and it's all good now."

What do you think of the rivalry though a purple-colored lens?: "It's definitely different because over there, it was more Bears as the rival, rival. Vikings was definitely a big-time rival, but Bears were kind of like, ‘get over that hump.' And for being over here, the Packers they are that rival. So, it's a little different. Again, like I said, for me it's another opponent. It's another opponent. When I'm on the field, I don't like those guys because they're trying to stop us from being successful. It doesn't change because they're Green Bay. If it was Cincinnati, Baltimore, Chicago who's coming up, all those teams, I'm going to have the same mind-set, the same approach. It will be different because it is guys that I played with for seven years."

Will it be weird not seeing Aaron Rodgers starting?: "It will be weird. It definitely will be weird. But I hope for him the best. I hope he gets healthy. I never wish anybody not being healthy. You always want to play against the best players and he's definitely one of those. We have to focus on us right now. I had to focus on me getting healthy and seeing if I could play in this game first."

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