Packer Report's Final Special Teams Rankings

Our five-category breakdown includes field position after kickoffs and kickoff returns, net average by the punting team, return average by the punt-return team and field-goal percentage.

Here are Packer Report's final 2013 special teams rankings. Five categories are considered, with 1 point for the top-ranked unit and 32 points for the last-ranked unit.

"KOR" means average starting field position provided by the kickoff-return team. "KO" means average starting field position against the kickoff team. "Punt" means net average by the punting team. "PR" means opponent net punting. "FG" means field-goal accuracy. "AVG" is the team's average in those five categories.

1. Seattle7618828.2
2. Jacksonville9271688.4
3. Dallas6112012410.6
4. New England1551615611.4
4. Baltimore321224711.4
6. San Francisco1574231412.6
6. Kansas City2131462812.6
8. St. Louis293129513.4
9. Pittsburgh829312314.6
10. Carolina2645261415.0
10. Atlanta2676221415.0
10. N.Y. Jets121524131115.0
13. Minnesota1311871915.2
14. Denver14152325115.6
15. Chicago4262891215.8
16. Detroit10229112715.8
17. Miami29102102916.0
18. Cleveland12142952416.8
19. Green Bay18322111317.0
20. Cincinnati52714172317.2
21 Tampa Bay25126142618.4
22. Oakland31171033218.6
23. Tennessee112517212018.8
23. Philadelphia18297182218.8
25. N.Y. Giants201227191719.0
26. New Orleans2293323019.2
27. San Diego24241231920.0
28. Indianapolis211824201820.2
29. Houston152012243120.4
30. Arizona321910302122.4
31. Buffalo262230271023.0
32. Washington232832282427.0

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