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Today we'll look at the most telling notes that came out of Texas defensive end Cedric Reed's press conference after the Longhorns practiced on Thursday.

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Today we'll look at the most telling notes that came out of Texas defensive end Cedric Reed's press conference after the Longhorns practiced on Thursday.


There is absolutely no messing around on the practice field for the Longhorns these days. None.

That was very apparent in the time that the media was allowed at practice on Tuesday, and it's something the players are definitely realizing.

"Practice is good," Reed said. "It is really intense, but it's a new coaching staff so you know it is going to start off like that. Everybody is still learning where they go during different periods and stuff, but it is really intense and we are getting use to it and it is a lot of fun."

Reed said he realized things were going to be taken up a notch intensity-wise on the first day.

"The first day. The first five periods I think I was winded and I realized that, yeah, this is going to be real," he said. "Everybody was looking at me saying that we are going to have to turn it up a notch. But like I said, we are getting into the swing of things and spring is a time for us to get our bodies back in shape."


With Jackson Jeffcoat gone to the NFL, Reed will assume the role of dominant defensive end for UT as well as take on much more of a leadership roll this fall.

It's a roll Reed is comfortable with, though, he's trying to be more assertive vocally because that does not come naturally to him.

"I'm being more vocal," Reed said. "I'm talking to the guys more. Getting on them about stuff. I'm not just sitting back and letting the coaches do it. I'm being a player's coach is what [Charlie Strong] really wants me to be. I speak up for the guys here and let them know what they are doing wrong."

Reed continued: "Guys look up to me more. You can tell. It is a leadership role that you take as a senior that you finally realize once you get on the field with all the guys that they give you the pathway to go first and stuff like that. But other than that, as myself I feel like I am a lot stronger, I am lot faster, I put on some weight—a lot of us put on a lot of weight—and I feel like I know the game a lot more."


While Reed is taking on more of a leadership role he did say that several others are stepping up simply because they are tired of losing.

"We all get in each others faces," he said. "We are all to the point where we are tired of losing. These past couple of days I've seen guys get in each other's face just demanding more."


One of the big changes for the Longhorns was Strong's decision to have one coach man the defensive line instead of having one coach for the defensive ends and then another for defensive tackles, which Mack Brown liked.

Chris Rumph assumed those duties having come over from Alabama where he held the same position. It has been a welcomed change for Reed.

"It helps a lot with both of us [defensive tackles and defensive ends] being in the same room," Reed said. "We can both be on the same page about what's going on instead of hearing if from another guy. We all see what each other is doing and are all getting coached the same way."

Reed mentioned Rumph's credibility in coming over from Alabama as something that stands out about his new coach. But he's also been a fan of Rumph's teaching points.

"He has a lot of guys in the league, but what I am learning from him is how to be a man mostly," he said. "He has got on to me these last couple days with just little stuff that I can fix. And it is not stuff so much with football field but more of how I can be a man and carry it over to the football field. As for technique-wise, he has a different language than what [former defensive tackles] coach Bo Davis spoke, and it is not too far from what I know and it is great."

Rumph is a coach with a reputation for having a big sense of humor, and that's something that hasn't been lost on Reed.

"I remember him telling us ‘Man you know y'all are my paycheck. Y'all might be my extension too," he said. "He always said some funny stuff."


Reed said he isn't sure who will start opposite him at DE, but he's confident that whoever it is will be able to hold their own.

"Our defensive ends all set a high standard with all those guys that have come through here," he said. "The other side is going to be great. I don't know who it's going to be. I know Shiro [Davis] has stepped up a lot. He's put on some weight. Bryce [Cottrell] is our little speed guy. He's put on some weight too. He's about 250. [Caleb] Bluiett played some last year. He's good. All those guys can help out. We have to produce."

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