Thompson Mines for More Second-Round WR Gold

Davante Adams might not have big-time speed but he had big-time production in two seasons at Fresno State. With good overall athleticism and good hands, the Packers grabbed him over Cody Latimer and Allen Robinson in the second round.

Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson has hit three home runs when selecting wide receivers in the second round. In 2006, he took Greg Jennings; in 2008, he took Jordy Nelson; in 2011, he took Randall Cobb.

With the departures of Jennings and James Jones in each of the last two offseasons, Thompson went to the wide receiver position again in the second round when he selected Davante Adams.

"Don't jinx us," Thompson said while knocking on the wooden podium.

Adams (6-1, 212) was incredibly productive during his two seasons at Fresno State. He caught 233 passes, including 131 -- with 24 touchdowns -- in 2013. In 26 career games, he had 13 100-yard performances. His career rate of 116.5 receiving yards per game ranks eighth in NCAA history.

Adams is a good athlete that has a 39 1/2-inch vertical leap, which he uses to effectively high-point the ball -- an asset that helps make him productive in the red zone.

On the flip side, he lacks top-flight speed, with a 4.56 clocking in the 40-yard dash at the Scouting Combine, and some of his production came in an up-tempo spread offense led by quarterback Derek Carr, who was selected early in the second round by the Oakland Raiders.

Adams said, "I don't get caught ... from behind," and receivers coach Edgar Bennett dismissed any concerns about Adams' speed, as well, while focusing on his competitiveness, hands ability to make the tough catch.

"Well, you go off the tape," Bennett said. "Don't get me wrong. Our scouts do a tremendous job as far as their overall evaluations from a measurable standpoint. When you turn the tape on, you see a guy that can create separation. You see a guy getting open."

Adams compares incredibly closely to former Packers receiver James Jones, who will catch passes from Carr with the Raiders. They have similar speed and both are from the Bay Area.

"I've gotten to know him pretty well and we've talked multiple times, and I'm happy for what he's doing now," Adams said. "He's definitely a route-runner, a real disciplined guy, and somebody that I look up to. So we have a little bit different parts to our game, but he definitely is a great player, and has qualities I hope to take on myself moving forward into the NFL."

Adams met with the Packers at the Scouting Combine, where he made a good impression on Bennett. Nelson and Cobb are considered students of the game, and Bennett believes Adams will fit in well with the group. "I think, No. 1, he's a high-character individual. He has tremendous work ethic." Bennett said. "In talking with him at the Combine, his mind-set is right as far as what's necessary to go to the next level. And so from that standpoint, I think mentally he's ready as far as taking the next jump in his preparation to become a standout player at this level. Now, when he gets here, we've got to continue to work, we've got to continue to improve. I don't think anyone's a finished product. I think he'll continue to improve and he'll get better."

Adams felt good about his Combine interview with the Packers, even though he did not speak to the team much throughout the predraft process beyond that. He noted the energy of the Packers' coaches and scouts in comparison to his other team interviews.

"It was amazing just being around that type of vibe. I feel like I had a good vibe from that group and that room," Adams said. "In some of the meetings I was in, the coaches didn't seem as happy or excited or whatever, but it was definitely a good vibe in that room, and I could definitely tell I'd get along with those coaches and they liked me a lot because I definitely enjoyed that meeting with them."

Adams comes in as part of a deep receiver class that may have caused him to slide further than he would have liked. He was the ninth receiver selected when the Packers called his name with the 53rd pick. The Packers chose him ahead of Indiana's Cody Latimer and Penn State's Allen Robinson,who both were selected at the end of the second round.

""I couldn't be happier being anywhere else. Aaron Rodgers has always been one of my favorite quarterbacks. I can't wait to get started." Adams said.

Adams went to Fresno State in hopes of playing football and basketball. Ultimately, he put his focus on football, though he believes his basketball background has helped his football career.

"I think basketball helped me because, growing up, it was just second nature for me to go up and just catch a rebound and high-point the ball, because you're not going to get a rebound when you're just bouncing around on the ground," Adams said. "I feel like that definitely helped me in the red zone when it comes to jump balls and different things like that, and also the court's a lot smaller than the football field."

Adams called waiting through the first round "brutal." It was worth the wait when his phone rang on Friday evening.

"It was unlike anything I've ever felt before," he said. "My family was extremely excited and happy and this is a dream come true. It's something I've been looking forward to my whole life, and I finally get to do it and take it to Green Bay, and I couldn't imagine being in a better place."

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