Hawk Enjoys Sick Time with Blue Angels

A.J. Hawk never had so much fun throwing up as he did riding with the Blue Angels on Wednesday. Hawk tells the tale in this Q&A exchange with reporters on Thursday.

Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk rode with the Blue Angels on Wednesday. He regaled reporters wtih the story at the end of Thursday's locker room session.

You rode with the Blue Angels?: Oh, yeah, I was terrible.

How did you not lose your lunch?: Oh, I did. Multiple times – two-plus. I puked two-plus times.

But the pilot said you did fine: He's a nice guy. I didn't puke on him. I got it in the bag. Man, it was amazing. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I felt bad because I was apologizing to him the whole time because I got sick in minute 12 or 13 and we were up there 50 minutes. I was just trying to not die up there. I'm a baby, anyway. I get carsick so I knew I was going to get sick up there. It was awesome, though. It was awesome, man. It was great. I was clean with my throw-up, though. I was good. I tucked it in my pocket in my bag and everything.

Why'd you do it?: Why not? I've been trying to do it for years. I was supposed to do it last year and I think the sequester or something they shut it down. I was supposed to three or four years ago and just didn't, weather or whatever. So, now this finally all lined up. I sprinted out of here (Wednesday) after practice, got there and went up. I told them when I went up, I expect to puke and pass out and I flickered between in and out of cautiousness.

How many Gs did you pull?: I'm embarrassed to even say. We didn't get up as many as I would've liked. I was dying. There's a video. We'll make a – I don't care. I'm not scared. I'll show you the video – it'll be gross for you guys but they'll put it out. I think the Packers have the footage. ... I probably lost 20 pounds of sweat. I was dying.

Would you do it again if asked tomorrow?: I'd do it today. I'd go back in a heartbeat. I might get more sick.

Did you throw out any "Top Gun" references?: Oh, I threw multiple "Top Gun" lines. I watched "Top Gun" till like 3 in the morning the night before.

There's a video that shows you going straight up: I want to see that. It was awesome. All of it was and it went downhill from there. I still rode it out. I didn't go in early – I couldn't handle all the maneuvers.

Did you have a safe word?: No, he could hear me. He offered. He was like, ‘We have 10 more minutes or we can go in early.' I was like barely speaking. I said don't go back in but don't be doing any crazy turns on me.

What's fun about puking?: I was fighting to not puke for like 40 minutes of it and once we got down and were taxing that's where my second puke came. You'd think I'd be better on the ground. I was fighting – I was struggling. I was rough all night and came back. It was amazing, though.

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