Blocking, Singing, Dancing

Several members of the Packers "star" in the sequel to the 2012 musical comedy "Pitch Perfect" (Jeff Hanisch/USA TODAY)

David Bakhtiari is a big fan of “Pitch Perfect,” the 2012 a cappella comedy.

A really big fan.

So much of a fan that what started as a conversation on Twitter turned into brief role in “Pitch Perfect 2” for Bakhtiari, fellow linemen Josh Sitton, T.J. Lang and Don Barclay and linebacker Clay Matthews. Jordan Rodgers, the brother of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, is in the movie, as well.

They are on for a second or two in the trailer that was released on Thursday, with Lang and Sitton pulling the arms off a sport coat being worn by Matthews.

“I put myself out there saying, ‘I’d love to be a part of the film. Anything we can do to help,’” Bakhtiari said on Thursday. “We worked around a lot of obstacles. It wasn’t easy. You have five high-profile NFL football players, trying to schedule within a month-and-a-half they have to film. On their behalf, they were extremely flexible with us and get us not only in the movie and in the scene and not waste our time, and we were able to sync that up. And also get all these crazy hooligans on their time off come together, especially with how busy Clay and Josh, T.J., Donnie and Jordan are. To come together, that was pretty big.”

Bakhtiari’s role in “Pitch Perfect 2” shouldn’t come as any surprise.

“You’ve seen my kick-step. I’ve got some pretty good feet,” Bakhtiari joked on Thursday.

Ditto for guard Lang, who allegedly has the best voice of any of the offensive linemen.

“(Fellow guard Josh Sitton) tells me all the time,” Lang said. “I don’t know if he’s just joking with me or it’s an actual, genuine statement.”

And Matthews’ role in the movie? Well, he’s Clay Matthews.

“This stuff doesn't happen too often,” Matthews said. “I think the last was maybe Brett Favre and ‘Something About Mary.’ But that stuff doesn't happen every day and when it does, you obviously have to jump at it.”

Bakhtiari was the ringleader in getting his teammates on the big screen. Naturally, they turned on him.

“I'll give you my recollection of it,” Lang said. “If you talk to Bakhtiari, he will definitely refute it. But basically it started with him Tweeting at all the producers and everybody, telling them what big fans we are and basically just begging them to let us in their movie, which is kind of embarrassing. The fact that the producers thought it was so funny that we were big fans of the first one, they actually bought it, and let us be a part of it.”

Added Matthews: “Obviously, as a fan of the original ‘Pitch Perfect’ movie, David Bakhtiari and his affinity for social media and reaching out to other people in weird direct messages and replies, was somehow able to get in the right touch with other people and to me like that. So I thank him for his creepiness.”

The players filmed for four days in Louisiana at the end of OTAs, Bakhtiari said. The movie is scheduled for release on May 15.

“I would say their actions speak louder than words,” Bakhtiari said. “Just seeing them have big smiles. These are all very manly men, I guess, so they’re not going to come up and gush like little girls, ‘Thank you so much.’ To see them smile and say how awesome it was, that’s the gratification I get.”

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