Packers at Seahawks: Team Stat Comparisons

How does the Packers' offense compare to Seattle's defense, and how does the Green Bay defense stack up with Seattle's offense?

Green Bay offense vs. Seattle defense

STATPackers RankSeahawksRank
Yards per game386.16267.11
Yards per play6.1714.631
Rushing per game119.81181.53
Rushing per play4.41103.432
Passing per game266.38185.61
Passing per play7.9515.862
Interception percentage1.12 %12.56 %15
Sack percentage5.60 %147.30 %11
First downs per game22.37t17.31
Punt return average11.5511.530
Kickoff return average19.13124.119
Field-goal percentage81.82 %23
Third-down percentage47.21 %337.13 %8
Fourth-down percentage40.00 %22t57.14 %26
Red-zone percentage57.81 %1059.46 %26
Goal-to-go percentage67.57 %1970.83 %18
Time of possession30:3214
Points per game30.4115.91
Point differential8.638.82
Yardage differential39.86108.61

Seattle offense vs. Green Bay defense

Yards per game375.89346.415
Yards per play5.8965.2610
Rushing per game172.61119.923
Rushing per play5.2614.2720
Passing per game203.127226.410
Passing per play7.1696.4210
Interception percentage1.54 %43.19 %9
Sack percentage9.25 %247.27 %12
First downs per game20.51421.227
Punt return average7.0258.714
Kickoff return average21.03024.521
Field-goal percentage83.78 %17
Third-down percentage42.45 %1140.29 %18
Fourth-down percentage27.27 %3153.57 %23
Red-zone percentage51.67 %2056.25 %20
Goal-to-go percentage60.00 %29t62.07 %7
Time of possession32:113
Points per game24.61021.813t
Point differential8.828.63
Yardage differential108.6139.86

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