First-Round Draft Order

With the Super Bowl in the books, the NFL has announced the full first-round order for April's draft.

The results of Super Bowl XLIX established the first-round order for this year’s draft, which is set for April 30 through May 2.

The Green Bay Packers own the 30th pick in each round, meaning they own No. 30 in the first, No. 62 in the second and No. 94 in the third. They also will receive free-agent compensatory picks for losing center Evan Dietrich-Smith and receiver James Jones. Exactly what those picks will be will be announced at the league’s spring meetings, slated for March 22-25 in Phoenix.

The last time the Packers held the 30th pick was the 2008 draft. They sent that to the Jets, moved back, and grabbed receiver Jordy Nelson at No. 36. The last time the Packers used pick No. 30 was 1997, when they took offensive tackle Ross Verba.

Pick Team Win Loss Tie Win Pct.Opp-WOpp-LOpp-TOpp-Pct.
1.Tampa Bay Buccaneers2140.1251231303.486
2.Tennessee Titans2140.1251291261.506
3.Jacksonville Jaguars3130.1881311241.514
4.Oakland Raiders3130.1881461100.570
5.Washington Redskins4120.2501271290.496
6.New York Jets4120.2501391170.543
7.Chicago Bears5110.3131351201.529
8.Atlanta Falcons6100.3751221313.482
9.New York Giants6100.3751311250.512
10.St. Louis Rams6100.3751361200.531
11.Minnesota Vikings790.4381211341.475
12.Cleveland Browns790.4381211323.479
13.New Orleans Saints790.4381231303.486
14.Miami Dolphins880.5001311250.512
15.San Francisco 49ers880.5001351210.527
16.Houston Texans970.5631141411.447
17.San Diego Chargers970.5631311250.512
18.Kansas City Chiefs970.5631311250.512
19.Buffalo Bills970.5631321240.516
20.Philadelphia Eagles1060.6251251301.490
21.Cincinnati Bengals1051.6561271281.498
22.Pittsburgh Steelers1150.6881141393.451
23.Detroit Lions1150.6881201351.471
24.Arizona Cardinals1150.6881341220.523
25.Carolina Panthers781.4691251301.490
26.Baltimore Ravens1060.6251201333.475
27.Dallas Cowboys1240.7501141420.445
28.Denver Broncos1240.7501331221.521
29.Indianapolis Colts1150.6881221331.479
30.Green Bay Packers1240.7501231321.482
31.Seattle Seahawks1240.7501341211.525
32.New England Patriots1240.7501311241.514

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