Day 3 Lookahead

The focus, at least from an outside perspective, will be on the inside linebackers in Rounds 4-7. The Packers have six picks at their disposal, including No. 129 of the fourth round.

With one pick in the fourth round (No. 129), one pick in the fifth round (No. 166), three picks in the six the round (Nos. 206, 210 and 213) and one more in the seventh round (No. 247), Green Bay Packers general manager is scheduled to have six selections in Saturday’s draft.

It’s anyone’s guess on who he’ll pick, but it’s a safe bet that at least one will be used to address the team’s weakest position group: Inside linebacker.

Below are the final inside linebacker grades provided by the NFL’s head scout, Dave-Te’ Thomas. Thomas, as well as a couple other scouts before the draft, said the strength of the position is the Day 3 depth. The best available player is LSU’s Kwon Alexander.

including about 20 inside linebackers, are in our members draft forum.

***KENDRICKS, Eric (WB)UCLArSr06:00.22324.616.71-2
***ANTHONY, Stephone (WB)ClemsonSr06:02.52434.566.71-2
***McKINNEY, Benardrick (SB)Mississippi StaterJr06:04.12454.666.22
***DAWSON, Paul (WB)Texas ChristianSr06:00.12354.936.32-3
***PERRYMAN, DenzelMiamiSr05:10.62364.786.23
ALEXANDER, Kwon (OB)Louisiana StateJr06:00.62274.556.13
***HICKS, Jordan (OB)TexasSr06:01.32364.685.73-4
HULL, Michael (OB)Penn StateSr05:11.72374.685.74
HEENEY, BenjaminKansasSr06:00.22314.595.74
WILSON, Ramik (WB)GeorgiaSr06:01.62374.775.64-5
JONES, TaiwanMichigan StateSr06:02.52524.955.55
SPAIGHT, Martrell (OB)Arkansas Sr06:00.02384.885.45
#HAGER, BryceBaylorrSr06:00.62344.605.35-6
RYAN, Jake (SB)MichiganSr06:02.32404.655.35-6
VIGIL, ZacharyUtah StateSr06:01.52334.865.26-7
LUC, Jeff (WB)CincinnatiSr05:11.72534.795.16-7
PULLARD, Hayes (SB)Southern CaliforniarSr06:00.42404.785.06-7
ROBINSON, Edmond (WB)NewberrySr06:02.52454.614.97
DEPRIEST, Trey (SB)AlabamaSr06:00.32544.824.97-FA
MALONE, Derrick (WB)OregonSr06:02.02194.674.97-FA
HERRERA, Amarlo (SB)GeorgiaSr06:00.52444.834.87-FA
TARPLEY, Aubrey (WB)StanfordrSr06:00.42384.844.87-FA
WILSON, DamienMinnesotaSr06:00.02454.774.87-FA
PLUMMER, TerranceCentral FloridaSr05:11.12405.034.7PFA
MAYO, David Texas StateSr06:02.02284.794.7PFA
GRANT, CurtisOhio StateSr06:02.32434.594.7PFA
TARPLEY, Aubrey (WB)StanfordrSr06:00.42384.844.7PFA
MAYO, David Texas State Sr06:02.02284.794.7PFA
ROACH, Trevor Nebraska Sr06:02.02354.874.7PFA
Note: **** Notes players drafted in first three rounds.

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