Favre HOF: Comments from Wolf, Others

Brett Favre is being inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame on Saturday night. Here are highlights from Mark Murphy, Bob Harlan, Ron Wolf, Mike Holmgren and Frank Winters from their press conferences.

Favre takes a snap from Winters in this Packer Report archive photo.

Mark Murphy

-- “It feels like a gameday inside,” Murphy says, and notes there’s more reporters here than for a game. Historic day. Notes this event was sold out in about two hours “so people are obviously excited” for Favre to be back. “Obviously, Brett has meant so much to the organization over the years. … I really can’t think of a player who’s had a larger impact on a team” than Favre.

-- Favre’s number will be fifth retired. Highest honor from the team. Number will be retired tonight. Will be unveiled tonight in Atrium. Then Favre will be back for Thanksgiving night for unveiling of number inside the stadium at halftime. “We are all very, very grateful” for the sustained success, which started with hiring of Wolf and Holmgren and trade for Favre.

Bob Harlan

-- Wolf, Holmgren and Favre did “marvelous” job of resurrecting franchise. Had two playoff appearances in past 24 seasons. Then Wolf arrived, traded for Favre, signs White. “We started winning right away. Thanks to those three gentlemen … we’re going into year No. 24 of having a team that’s a contender every year.” Said Favre is greatest competitor ever saw play. Great leader and competitor. “He has to be regarded as the greatest player we’ve ever had.”

Ron Wolf

-- “Extreme honor” for Wolf to be a part of football’s more stories cathedral to acknowledge “in my opinion the best player to ever play for the Green Bay Packers, Brett Favre.”

-- Proud ... "to acknowledge, in my opinion, and I realize I’m biased, the best player ever to play for the Green Bay Packers, Brett Favre. I say that because when I came here, I had some people that I was very fortunate to work with. I say that, because when I came here, I had some people that I was very fortunate to work with who covered the Packers in the ‘30s, the ‘40s, the ‘50s, through the Lombardi Era, and they told me the same thing."

Mike Holmgren

-- Says Wolf took a chance on him when hired him in 1992. “I’m thankful he saw something and we hit it off. … And then the whole thing started when he walked into my office one day not long after he hired me” and said he was considering trading for Favre. Holmgren knew him. Conducted his college workout but not much more than that. Holmgren grateful Wolf talked to him before the trade. Trade was made “and the rest is history.”

-- Coached him and played against him. Talk once a year for birthday. “It’s special. Every single time, it’s special, because I believe I know him better now than when I was coaching him.” Said it will be a wonderful evening and celebration.

Frank Winters

-- Great to play with Favre. Teammates 11 years. Was fortunate to play with Favre and be his friend. One of the greatest Packer players to ever play. “True honor” to play with those on stage with him. Team worked hard and had “a great leader in Brett … and the rest is history.” Honor to be part of celebration. Glad to have Brett back in Green Bay. Will have great time tonight. Honor to introduce him for induction.

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