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Jones Gets Familiar No. 89 from Rodgers

James Jones returned to the Packers and got his old jersey back from tight end Richard Rodgers.

When his football playing career is over, one line of work Richard Rodgers should not consider is becoming an agent.

During his seven seasons with the Packers, James Jones wore No. 89. Jones signed with Oakland in March 2014. Less than two months later, the Packers drafted Rodgers in the third round and the tight end was given No. 89.

Jones re-signed with the Packers on Monday and asked Rodgers about the jersey. Rodgers gave it to him. For nothing. No negotiating necessary.

“It’s just a number,” Rodgers said. “He just asked if he could have it. I said yeah.”

Jones was grateful but said he had no intentions of “wasting money on paying for a number.” But Rodgers was “a good man” about it and agreed to the change.

“Man, whatever Rich needs, he’s got from me,” Jones said. “He’s a good dude on my part. Me and him, we’re kind of like family because we’ve got the same agent. I talked to him yesterday, he said he don’t have no ties to the number, ‘Go ahead and take it, buddy.’ I appreciate him. Anytime he wants to go to dinner, or he needs a pair of shoes or something, need to pay for his haircut, anytime, I’m here to help him.”

Rodgers will wear jersey No. 82. That’s what he wore in high school and his freshman season at Cal before switching to No. 11.

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