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Packers WR Davante Adams Playing It Safer This Time

Davante Adams wants to play this week but, after coming back too soon last time, waiting until after the bye might make more sense.

Over the past two games, the Green Bay Packers’ offense has scored a total of 34 points in part because it lacks a stretch-the-field element in the passing game.

Aaron Rodgers sees the solution. And he’s been in street clothes due to a sprained ankle.

“I think we’ve got that guy but he’s been hurt the last couple weeks,” Rodgers said after Sunday’s victory over St. Louis. “The bye week will be nice to get some of those guys back. Davante Adams I think is a Pro Bowl-caliber player.”

Adams has missed all but one series over the last three games. After a few breakout performances as a rookie last season and a strong offseason and training camp leading into this season, Adams has caught just nine passes.

“Obviously, you want to think that if you’re a player on the team, you want to think that things would be better if you were out there contributing,” Adams said on Monday. “I’d love to be out there. It’s just right now, I’m trying to be smart with it. It’s a little bit harder.”

Adams is like a man with a split personality. He wants to get back for Sunday’s game against San Diego. Actually, he wanted to get back for the St. Louis game. But after playing through the injury in the Week 2 game against Seattle and aggravating it in the Week 3 game of Kansas City, Adams knows there’s some merit in sitting out this week’s game and taking advantage of next week’s bye.

“The thought goes through your head but, obviously, the competitor in me wants to get out there and go,” Adams said. “It’s hard to watch my team go out there and play each week, so going to see how it goes and go off that.”

Calling a sprained ankle a “tricky” injury, Adams said he came back too soon the last time. After sitting out the last two games, Adams said the injury is “feeling a lot better.” He’s not sure what’s in store for this week, with the Packers returning to practice on Wednesday.

Reading between the lines, Adams’ return might be later rather than sooner.

“I’m just trying to be smart with it,” he said. “I’m just trying to feel it out day in and day out, and keep treating it and keep getting right. I don’t want to rush like I did coming back for Kansas City and reaggravate it. Maybe after the bye, maybe this week.”

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