Davenport shows many talents

His football career may just be getting started, but running back Najeh Davenport already has a flourishing second calling.<p> Davenport, who earned a theater degree at the University of Miami, spent the offseason filming the upcoming action thriller "Blood Money."

The film stars Busta Rhymes and will open in September. Davenport was originally cast as a henchman, but after his audition he was given a bigger role as a night club owner.

"I felt like a rooie all over again," Davenport said. "I had to be there like at 8 o'clock in the morning for makeup and clothing, and then I didn't shoot my scene until 5 or 6.

"All the main stars had trailers, and I was the only other cat that had a triler, so that was cool," he said.

Despite his desire to build a career as an actor as well as an athlete, Davenport has his Packer priorities in order. When fans see the halfback working in two-a-days during training camp, they'll know football ranks No. 1. He had to turn down a role in "Barbershop 2" to be in camp on time.

"It wasn't a big part, but it wasn't a cameo," Davenport said. "It ws going to be like a little small role."

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