Nall climbing the ladder

Second-year QB hopeful Craig Nall needed to gain confidence and hone his skills during his NFL Europe stint, then he needed to prove those accomplishments in training camp.<P>

So far, Nall is passing the test and pushing the competition, according to the ultimate expert in quarterbacking the Pack – Brett Favre.

"Last year, he couldn't even throw a spiral," Favre said. "I was the same way in Atlanta."

Nall led the NFLEL with 18 touchdown passes and a passer rathing of 95.9.

When asked about Nall's prospects, Favre said that he senses Nall has more confidence in himself, as well as the trust of his coaches and teammates."

"It's always tough, I don't care you you are, when you come in as a rookie," Favre said. "Because you were ‘The Guy,' and everybody looked to you, and now all of a sudden, no one even knows your name.

"But after a year, it's amazing how guys change and they just feel like they're a part of the lock room," Favre said. "It makes it so much easier."

Nall is battling 35-year-old Doug Pederson and Akili Smith who is looking for a second chance after stumbling in Cincinnati. Smith and Nall have been getting about twice as many snaps as Pederson, so the battle may be between the two younger candidates for the third spot

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