Jordy Nelson Should Participate in OTA’s for Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy provided several medical updates at the Scouting Combine on Thursday, including the latest on Jordy Nelson's comeback.

INDIANAPOLIS – Whether at the podium or a separate session at the JW Marriott hotel, Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy offered health updates on several players at the Scouting Combine on Thursday.

On quarterback Aaron Rodgers being ready for offseason practices following knee surgery: “I would think so. Hell, the way he’s hitting the golf ball, I think he would be ready to go.”

On receiver Jordy Nelson’s recovery from a torn ACL: “Jordy is in there every day. … Jordy looks great. The surgery was a success. I think where he is in his career, I’m not really worried about him getting back to where he was just pure skill-set and his motor skill-set, because I think we have plenty of time for that. He’s way ahead of schedule. It’s a conversation, frankly, I’ve already had with Jordy with this fifth preseason game and how we play him in the preseason. I think that’s a conversation you have with each and every veteran player who’s coming back from a major injury. I think in the OTAs, he’ll work there some, but I don’t see him by the time training camp comes around having any limitations."

On linebacker Sam Barrington (ankle): “Sam looks good. I think it’s very important, particularly with injuries to Sam and Jordy, and two great examples of guys who stayed involved. They were in every team meeting, every individual meeting. They traveled with the team, stayed in it the whole time. I think that really benefited Sam, not only for another year in the system, going through the adjustments that you go through each and every year defensive, but he was totally on top of his rehab. so looks good. Don’t really have a timeline for him.”

On receiver Ty Montgomery (season-ending surgery following a lengthy comeback attempt): “Based on the nature of his injury, you were never going to really know unless you went in there. That’s like a lot of injuries, regardless of what joint you’re talking about. Just talking with Ty after the season, he was frustrated. He felt he had this injury and people didn’t think he was – I said, ‘No. 1, that’s not the case.’ Two, I said, ‘I appreciate that you went through every step.’ He tried to come back three or four different occasions. At the end of it, he had the operation. I said, that’s the way a pro goes about. Pat’s not that way, but some people might have operated earlier. He did everything he could, he went through all the different types of treatments. He got the point where there were times he thought he was going to be able to go. But based on what they saw once they went in there, it’s understandable the way they went around it. For a young guy – some people might have shut it down a lot earlier than that. I think it was what, six or eight weeks? It was frustrating for him. But you appreciate when guys do that, do everything they can to get back on.”

On receiver Randall Cobb, who sustained a punctured lung in the playoff loss to Arizona – an injury that he believes might have been impacted by wearing a microphone: “I don’t know enough about the specifics of even the design. I couldn’t even tell you what it looks like, to be honest with you. I don’t know if it caused the injury, but definitely he had a bruise from it. I think it’s something that’s opened up a lot of conversation, and it should. From what (Dr.) Pat McKenzie told me, it did not cause the injury, but there was definitely a bruise from it. It was in his back.”

On whether safety Sean Richardson (neck) will play again: “I don’t know that. That’s a conversation that I haven’t been a part of with Pat McKenzie. I know that he feels really good about it. Sam, Jordy, Sean, I think it’s important when your guys get injured like he was to keep him involved. Being there every day definitely helped him, and it was good to have him here too. He looks like he’s starting to get back into it, because he really thinned down there for a while. I’m not sure, we haven’t talked about him medically.”

On defensive tackle Josh Boyd, who missed almost all of last season with an ankle injury: “Josh looks good. He’s been around. I’ve seen him a number of times. Yeah, he looks good. He’s progressing nicely.”

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