Driver back to work

Two long weeks after suffering a hamstring strain, wider receiver Donald Driver returned to practice. <p> Driver is still hampered by the injury which kept him out of action since July 27, but he returned to form during two-minute drills at Clarke Hinkle Field.<P>

Driver gave the nearly 1,000 fans on hand a thrill with a 50-yard reception from Favre. Driver showcased his speed by burning safety Darren Sharper and catching up to the long pass and diving to make the catch.

The long reception set up a 1-yard Favre-to-Bubba Franks touchdown during the drill.

Other two-minute drill highlights included top draft pick Nick Barnett sacking Akili Smith and forcing a fumble.

In injury news, backup quarterback Craig Nall hyperextended his right knee during the morning session. Tests showed no cartilage damage, but Nall sat out the remainder of the morning as well as the afternoon practice as a precaution.

In other injury news, rookie Hunter Hillenmeyer suffered a twisted ankle injury during the morning session but was able to return. Also during the a.m. practice, Cletidus Hunt was hit in the head and was sidelined for the rest of the day.

Unable to practice due to injury were: Tony Fisher (hamstring), Joe Johnson (ribs), Jermaine Petty (knee), Marcus Wilkins (ankle/foot), Reggie Coleman (hip), Tyrone Davis (knee), Jorg Heckenbach (kidney), James Lee (hip), Lamar Smith (knee), Marcus Spriggs (knee), Adam Tate (knee), Rod Walker (shoulders).

As reported yesterday, Gilbert Brown (biceps)and Bryant Westbrook (Achilles) are out for the season after injuries sustained Saturday night.

In better news, David Martin (hamstring) and Terdell Sands returned to practice and Chukie Nwokorie, who left Saturday's game with a twisted knee, was able to practice Monday.

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