Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Wins Games ‘Between Monday and Saturday’

Plus, would Aaron Rodgers rather have a great line or great receivers? And when's the time to draw a defense offside? That and much more in this lengthy segment from HBO.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers appeared on HBO’s “Any Given Wednesday” with Bill Simmons. Along with an illuminating segment on concussions, these are among the highlights:

— Asked if he’d rather have “A-minus” running backs and receivers but a “C-minus” offensive line, or an “A-minus” offensive line but “D-minus” backs and receivers, Rodgers went with the higher-graded offensive line. “If you can protect the quarterback, you’re going to have an opportunity to find guys open. The defenses can’t cover for that long. And in Green Bay, we can bump them up to at least a C.”

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— Rodgers discussed having a feel for when he can draw a defense offside. “You can just kind of feel it. When it’s a big third down, it could be the first quarter or the fourth quarter, there’s some areas between the 40s where you’re almost in field-goal range where you have an idea this could be a play where they jump offsides. Or you do the flip side, where it’s ingrained in their mind and they’re talking all week about it in the media, ‘We’ve got to stay offsides,’ then you go on first sound.”

— As the highest-rated passer in NFL history and a two-time MVP, Rodgers routinely makes playing quarterback look easy. It’s not, Rodgers reminded. “It’s tough to do what we do. It takes a lot of preparation. I’ve always said that we win games between Monday and Saturday. The way you prepare allows you to play with that confidence on the field. ‘Why are you so calm on the field?’ It’s because I’ve played out every scenario from Monday to Saturday. When I get out there, I’m not surprised a lot. If you ask the great ones – you ask Tom (Brady) and Drew (Brees) and Peyton (Manning), they’d say the same thing.”

Those comments and more can be viewed in this segment, provided courtesy of HBO.

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