Watch: Brett Favre on his Father

Brett Favre talks about his late father, Irv. "He was short on praise and long on tough love," Favre said during an emotional part of his speech. It wasn't until his father died when Favre thought about being a Hall of Famer. "I would not be here today without my father."

Among the many poignant quotes from Favre is this one, a recollection of the plane ride back from Oakland after his father's death:

"Deanna says to me on the plane, “You know, your dad had said to me that he had hoped or could not wait for the day that you were inducted into the Hall of Fame so he could introduce you.” And up until that moment I had never thought about the Hall of Fame, and I mean no disrespect to the Hall of Fame. I say this with the utmost respect for all you guys. I had dreamed of playing in the NFL, believe me, way more than I thought about my schoolwork. I thought about being Archie Manning, running around, throwing underhand passes. I thought about being my childhood favorite, Roger Staubach and throwing it to Preston Pearson or Drew Pearson and handing it off to Tony Dorsett, being Kenny Stabler coming out of tunnel. I had thought of those things so many times, but I never thought of the Hall of Fame until that moment. So a new goal had entered into my mind then and there, and I said to myself: I will make it to the Hall of Fame."

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