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Brown wants to play through pain

The news on Gilbert Brown's injury went from bad to worse back to "wait-and-see" with some good news coming today regarding the nose tackle's status.<P>

When Brown left the Packers' Aug. 9 game at Atlanta with an arm injury, things didn't look good. The initial diagnosis confirmed those fears. Brown ruptured his right biceps muscle at the elbow and was likely to be out for the season.

A broadcast report Tuesday carried better news: the Packers' medical team re-evaluated Brown Monday night and decided, along with the 10-year veteran, to avoid surgery and go the rehab route instead.

That's a risky proposition for Brown, as doctors say he could lose some strength and mobility in the arm by not having the muscle surgically repaired. Increased pain will also be part of the equation.

Brown, on the other hand, is weighing his immediate football career prospects against that information. He'll respond not only in word, but in action as he returns to the practice field Wednesday morning.

In the week and a half since the injury, Brown has surprised himself as well as the team's coaches and medical staff by displaying increased strength in the injured arm.

The turn-around is reminiscent of one experienced by the legendary Reggie White. The defensive end stunned coach Mike Holmgren on Christmas Eve by cancelling imminent hamstring surgery and returning to his stellar level of play despite previous dire news.

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