Jared Cook’s Uninvited Dinner Guest

After a long day at work, what could be better than a dinner of chicken wings? Unless one of the wings isn't a wing.

In life, some days it’s chicken, some days it’s feathers.

For Jared Cook, some days apparently are chicken heads.

After his day at Lambeau Field, the Green Bay Packers’ injured tight end stopped at the nearby Buffalo Wild Wings to pick up dinner to go. Wings slathered in a lemon-pepper sauce would be on tonight’s menu.

The first wing was devoured with satisfaction. The second wing? Not so much.

“What in the heck is in this box right now?” Cook thought to himself when he picked up wing No. 2. “That’s the first thing I thought, and then I picked it up and immediately dropped it once I figured out what it was.”

What it was was a chicken head.


“As I was putting the (first) bone back in the box, saw the chicken head and immediately spit my food out.”

Cook loves chicken wings. He did not, however, finish his dinner. Cook took his special delivery back to Buffalo Wild Wings, where he got a refund, an apology and a bizarre explanation.

“They were just like, ‘We’re sorry. Typically, this doesn’t happen. That just means your food was fresh’’” Cook said. “‘OK, that doesn’t make it any better.”

So, the presence of a head somehow is assurance that the chicken was butchered sometime this millenium? How does that make sense?

“Yeah, absolutely not, it doesn’t,” Cook said.

Cook posted a photo on Twitter, which, as you’d expect, has gone viral.

Cook had some fun with his uninvited dinner guest and his vegetarian wife, Lana.

“In the picture, I don’t know if you noticed,” Cook said, “but there’s a fork stuck in the bottom of it and the first thing I did was I Facetimed her and I pretended the chicken head was talking to her via Facetime. So, she was pretty grossed out.”

What does a deep-fried chicken head attached to a plastic fork sound like?

“I was just talking in a high, squeaky voice. ‘Why did they do this to me?’” Cook said with a laugh.

This was a first for Cook. Maybe someday, he’ll join his wife and become a vegetarian, he said. But for now, he loves chicken wings too much to give them up. He just won’t be consuming them at Buffalo Wild Wings.

“I’ve never had anything that could taste me back in my food ever,” said Cook, who won't play on Sunday vs. the Giants because of a high-ankle sprain.

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