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Game Day: Packers vs. Titans

The Packers will try to "multi-task" tonight when they take on the Tennessee Titans (3-0) at Lambeau Field in the preseason finale: Green Bay must get a solid look at unsettled positions, and get everyone off the field in one piece.<P>

"I would say the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 priority is to stay healthy," coach Mike Sherman said when he addressed the media Wednesday.

Two or three series ought to be enough for quarterback Brett Favre and most of the other starters. Only selected positions will see more playing time, Sherman indicated.

Sherman's second task, and one much more in his control, is to prepare to cut 20 players by Sunday.

Tony Fisher and Herbert "Whisper" Goodman still duking it out for the third running back spot behind Ahman Green and Najeh Davenport.

The Packers (2-2) will try out a shuffled offensive line with Marco Rivera out due to a torn MCL. Rivera would like to be back for the Sept. 7 opener vs. Minnesota, but Sherman will have to use tonight's game to formulate a Plan B.

Other players who could sit out tonight's game due to injury include Darren Sharper (groin), LB Na'il Diggs, RB Davenport, RB Adam Tate, S Bobby Jackson, CB Chris Johnson, DE Jermaine Petty and WR Jorg Heckenbach. WR Robert Ferguson is listed as questionable, but is expected to play.

The Packers will be playing to another preseason record crowd as most of the the Green Bay ticket holders ("Green package") get a look at the renovated Lambeau Field for the first time with tonight's Bishop's Charities Game. Last week's debut in the Shrine Game at Lambeau was part of the season ticket package (Gold package) for the former Milwaukee County Stadium ticket holders.

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