Charles Woodson: ‘A Football Life’ Trailer

Former Raiders and Packers safety Charles Woodson is profiled in "A Football Life" on NFL Network on Friday. Woodson is the last player to win the Heisman Trophy who is not a running back or quarterback. Woodson was named the 1998 Defensive Rookie of the Year with the Raiders and the 2009 Defensive Player of the Year with the Packers.

"You want to talk about toughness, and where I get it from, and why I am how I am, it's because of [my mother] Georgia Woodson." - Charles Woodson

The sixth season of NFL Network's Emmy-nominated series "A Football Life" continues Friday with "Charles Woodson: A Football Life," which tells the story of Woodson's many successes on the field. The one-hour show produced by NFL Films features guests including former coach Jon Gruden, former teammates Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, Khalil Mack, Brian Griese, mother Georgia Woodson and more.

It will debut at 8 p.m. Central.

Woodson has enjoyed tremendous success at every level of competition. But the paths down which he found success are more untraditional than one would expect. Narrated by Emmy-nominated actor Josh Charles, "Charles Woodson: A Football Life" tells the tale of Woodson's dominance at every stage of his career, including being named the best high school football player in the state of Ohio, winning the Heisman Trophy, winning a Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers and more.

Among the topics discussed:

* Living with clubbed feet as a child

* Woodson's career at Michigan including winning a Heisman Trophy and a Rose Bowl

* The controversial "Tuck Rule" game

* Woodson's streak of mid-career injuries and off-field issues that tempted him to retire

* Woodson's early dislike of Green Bay that turned into a blossoming relationship

* Woodson's dedication of time and money to the Mott Children's Hospital

Provided below are some select quotes:

- "He thinks he can make every play. And I'll be damned if he can't make just about every play." - Brian Griese

- "That's the worst call in the history of all sports." - Charles Woodson on the "Tuck Rule" call

- "There was no single person who gave more of their time and effort, to making the case for Mott Hospital than Charles." - Dr. Valerie Opipari

- "I wish that everybody in the world could feel the way someone like myself feels at that particular moment. If they could just feel that way for an hour, it would be worth it." - Charles Woodson on his warm welcome back to the Oakland Raiders

- "The first time I met him, I had thought that I had heard his nickname was Chuck, and as I referred to him as that, he turned to me and he said 'Don't you ever call me Chuck.' I was scared to death." - Aaron Rodgers

- "I really didn't want to be there. I had no clue how I got there. And at that point, I didn't want to stay. I think I was actually looking for a way out." - Charles Woodson on his early time in Green Bay

This year, the 13-episode season of "A Football Life" airs Fridays. The sixth season of the show concludes next week with a profile of Hall of Fame linebacker Kevin Greene.

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