Got a football question? Ask Don Beebe

If you have a question about the Green Bay Packers, or the NFL in general, ask Don Beebe. The former Packers wide receiver will answer questions from readers in his column this season in Packer Report.<p>

Beebe played for the Packers in 1996 and '97. He was a member of six Super Bowl teams in his nine-year NFL career and was on the Packers' Super Bowl XXXI championship team.

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Here are questions that Beebe addressed prior to the Green Bay Packers' season opener against the Minnesota Vikings:

Q: Will a faster defense be better for the Packers?

DB: Anytime you have a faster defense it can only help. That is why scouts put such a big emphasis on speed.

Q: Can speed make up for mental mistakes in the NFL?

DB: Nothing can make up for mental mistakes. For example, if the defensive line has a stunt on where the defensive tackle pinches down in the "A" gap (which is the gap between the center and guard) and the middle linebacker blitzes in the "B" gap. If either one of these guys screws up his assignment it could be very costly. Speed doesn't matter if the guy is out of position. Sure, he could recover and make the tackle downfield somewhere but by that time it is too late. I would rather have smart guys on my team instead of guys that can run, but run always in the wrong direction.

Q: How much longer do you feel Brett Favre will play football?

DB: Brett doesn't even know the answer to that question, so how am I going to answer it. Let's just let Brett finish out whatever career he has left for how ever long that is and enjoy each moment that we still have watching him make the plays that only he can. I can tell you this about the man I know. He loves to be challenged and needs to be challenged, and he also needs to know that the guys he is playing with are like that too. Winners. And as long as he has that he will probably keep playing.

Q: Do you feel Robert Ferguson can have a breakout season?

DB: This is Robert's third year now with the Packers and usually a guy that was drafted high like Robert gets 3 to 4 years to really start to contribute to the team. Robert is going to have to start making plays consistently this year. In his defense it is hard if you are playing behind a great wideout like a Donald Driver. Injuries have slowed him a bit, too. But he must get rid of the injury bug and come up big for the Pack this year.

Q: How much will Wesley Walls help the Packers?

DB: Anytime you can get a proven veteran who is a team guy and can still make plays it can only help. Wesley Walls gives me flashbacks of Keith Jackson and we know how that acquisition helped win a Super Bowl. This was a great pick up.

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