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Here's what Packer head coach Mike Sherman had to say after his team trounced the Detroit Lions 31-6 in an emotionally-charged win at Lambeau Field Sunday:<p>

On Ahman Green's 160-yard rushing performance: "We were bound and determined to get Ahman his carries ...He has looked like that in practice and in the preseason and it didn't surprise me what he was able to do... Ahman showed his explosiveness as a runner."

More on the running game:

"We would like to be able to run the football that effectively week in and week out, but it usually doesn't happen that way. The running game works in peaks and valleys. To give Ahman Green his carries is important and we were able to do that today. But you still have to be able to throw the ball effectively and we were able to do that on third down in the first half and move the chains but were not as good in the second half and we need to address that."

On Brett Favre's pre-game talk:

"He doesn't do that very much, but I have noticed him exerting himself more as a leader, calling guys out at different times and challenging people. He's at a point in his life where I think he feels he has some value to offer."

On more physical practices in the week leading up to this game:

"We had pads on this week and we hit a little bit, but not to the point where we could get anyone hurt ...I am pleased with how we practiced this week and how we got through the week. It was a tough week to be a Green Bay Packer and the guys stepped up."

On boucing back from tough loss:

"I told the team last week, we did not fall off a cliff. Now this week we are not on top of the world either. We won a football game and lost a football game and we have to keep things in perspective. . We had a number of injuries, a lot of frustration and disappointment after losing our opening game. I give them a lot of credit. They got in that locker room and the practice field and worked and worked and were determined to give our fans a better performance, and I believe they did."

On receiver Robert Ferguson playing despite a knee and ankle injury:

"Fergy may be one of the toughest players on this team. I think Marco Rivera goes up there in that group and Fergy is in that top five group as well. He is a tough kid and when he tells you he is going to do something he is going to give you everything he has. It doesn't surprise me he was able to do what he did. Although last week he was on crutches leaving the locker room, crutches on Monday and Tuesday, walking around a little better on Wednesday, and a little better on Thursday. Friday he gets taped up and wants to practice. What he did today is a credit to him and his mental toughness."

On Antonio Freeman's return:

"I thought he did a great job ... He made some pretty critical catches for us and moved the chains for us. I think there is a lot of confidence between the quarterback and him."

--compiled by from Mike Sherman's press conference comments and post-game reports.

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