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Here are e-mails received by Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth after Green Bay's 20-13 loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday:<p>

Time to rebuild?

It has been a great run (For us Packer fans that remember the lean years of the 70's and 80's) for the past decade. But after watching the last 4 regular season games and one dreadful playoff game maybe it is time to consider that much feared word... Rebuilding.

Have the Packers reached that point that the Dallas Cowboys reached in the late 90's and have become a team that is nolonger feared on an opponents upcoming schedule but one that teams look forward to?

I think that it might be time to bite the bullet and clean house. What I believe must happen... 1.) Mike Sherman must give up one (if not both) of his titles. He should never have been named GM after just one season as an "Unproven" head coach.

2.) Send Tom Rossley packing. The "High Powered" Packer Offense has become predictable and ineffective. The West Coast has become Toast under the guidance of Rossley.

3.) Ed Donatell can hold the door open and follow Rossley on the Job Search market. By the way, please take Joe Johnson, Jamal Reynolds, Bhawoh Jue, Antuan Edwards with you.

4.) Get rid of the "Saving the player" mentality by not hitting in training camp and pratice. This is a soft team and needs to regain that mean streak. Maybe this can be done with a new coach.... Sorry Mike.

5.) If Brett returns after what looks like could be his first losing season, A big time Wide receiver is a must. If Javon Walker, Robert Fergusen, Donald Driver and an injured Carl Ford can fill that role with a better game plan has yet to be proven.

There is more, but while I pray that I am wrong I feel that the Packer Rebirth of the last decade is about to hit a bump in the road. Weather it provers to be a speed bump or sink hole time will tell.

James Marx, La Crosse, Wisconsin

What a mess!


Right now the Packers look like a discombobulated machine in need of repair. While on the surface they have all the parts for a playoff caliber team the mechanic appears to be asleep on the job. The mechanic being Mike Sherman. It's Sherman's job to make sure the Packers play with intensity and passion every Sunday and I didn't see it today against the Cardinals. It was 106 for them today as well. I don't mean to be to harsh but this isn't the start I envisioned and it is frustrating.

Best Regards,

Emory Safford St. Cloud, MN

No discipline!

Hey Coach. Have you lost control of your team? I have been watching Green Bay football for years and have not seen the lack of discipline as I've seen this year.Our rookie linebacker makes a routine play and jumps around like he just won the super bowl.Our Q.B has no inspiration to do anything except collect a pay check,and before anyone writes back look at John Elway when he won his last two super bowls he ran the ball like our Q.B used to when he was hungry. Between our hairdos and lack of hussle I think coach Lombardi is rolling in his grave. These players nowadays live on the complete opposite of what coach Lombardi envision'ed this game to be played.



This is embarrassing

I don't know about the rest of the fans, but I am embarrassed by the pathetic play of the Packers today in the desert. I guess they were still full of themselves after last weeks win against Detroit. All I can say Packer Backers, it's gonna get uglier. Green Bay is heading into the meat of their schedule against teams like Seattle, St.Louis, Philly, Tampa Bay.

Tom Rossley should be fired! He failed to make the adjustsments today. I wonder if "he" can read a defense.

Peter Schwind, Lima Ohio

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