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Packers Head Coach Mike Sherman certainly wasn't looking for excuses after his team's disappointing 20-13 loss to the Arizona Cardinals Sunday in Tempe. The fourth-year head coach didn't mince words when asked about keys to the game:<p>

On whether the heat was a factor:

"Absolutely, positively not. It was hot on our side of the field and it was hot on their side of the field. When we beat teams in the cold in Lambeau Field, I don't say we won because of the weather.

On the Packers' final offensive play: "The game did not come down to that one play. There were so many other plays we could have, should have made in this game that we didn't make on both sides of the ball so that we wouldn't have had to win it right then and there.

"They made a play. When he let it go, I thought he had a window there from the sideline. That window closed. They made the play on the ball. Interception. We were going to go for 2 if we got the touchdown and hopefully make that."

On pass interference call charged to Al Harris: "I felt it was not catchable."

On if the Packers were looking past Arizona, winless coming in: "Absolutely not. In this league, as I told the players last night, the greatest challenge that we have every week is to play to the very best of our ability, regardless of who we play, when we play, where we play, what time we play. There's absolutely no looking forward to next week in this league. If you look forward to the next week, this is what happens to you. But we didn't do that. That's not why we lost. We lost because they played better than we did. Their backs were against the wall, they came out and made the plays they needed to make. I take my hat off to them and what they accomplished today."

On pass defense problems: "We didn't cover very well. It did appear to me that a lot of crossing routes over the middle, our underneath coverage wasn't deep enough or our deep coverage was too deep. And we did not drive hard on the crossing routes."

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