Trivia Time: The Holmgren Era

When Mike Holmgren brings his Seattle Seahawks into Lambeau Field Sunday, he'll bring a stadium full of memories along with him. The names and games associated with the coach from 1992 to 1998 were memorable ones for the Packer faithful. Test your knowledge of the Holmgren Era with today's trivia quiz.<p>

1. Which Minnesota Vikings QB ruined Holmgren's Packer debut by leading the Vikes to a 23-20 overtime win at Lambeau Field?

A. Jim McMahon

B. Rich Gannon

C. Sean Salisbury

D. Tommy Kramer

2. Name the rookie who returned an interception 101 yards to help give Holmgren his first playoff win vs. the Detroit Lions in the Silverdome on Jan. 8, 1994.

A. Terrell Buckley

B. Doug Evans

C. Wayne Simmons

D. George Teague

3. This quarterback was the Packers' second pick of the sixth round in the 1998 draft – Ron Wolf's last with Holmgren on board in the War Room. This player was also the final draft choice of the Holmgren Era to make the team.

A. Matt Hasselbeck

B. Ronnie McAda

C. Kyle Wachholtz

D. Bud Keyes

4. The Minnesota Vikings ended Holmgren's home-field winning streak on Oct. 5, 1998 with a 37-24 win over GB at Lambeau. Which team was the last to beat the Packers at home before Holmgren and company embarked on their memorable 29-game Lambeau winning streak (including playoffs)?

A. Minnesota Vikings

B. Chicago Bears

C. Dallas Cowboys

D. St. Louis Rams

5. Holmgren's first Green Bay staff included five men who would go on to become head coaches in the NFL. Which of the following men was NOT on Holmgren's 1992 staff?

A. Andy Reid

B. Jon Gruden

C. Mike Sherman

D. Steve Mariucci

BONUS: Name all five of Holmgren's 1992 assistants who later became head coaches in the NFL, along with their teams.


Name the Packer players who scored the first and last Green Bay points of the Holmgren Era. ANSWERS:

1. B, Rich Gannon. Now the reigning AFC Champion field general, Gannon then was a 28-year-old hopeful. Gannon went 21-of-44 for 266 yards and two touchdowns in the disappointing loss.

2. D, George Teague. The Packers selected the safety out of Alabama with their second pick of the first round (29), received from the Cowboys in 1993. Teague nabbed an Erik Kramer pass in the end zone and took it all the way back for a league playoff record 101 yards to give Green Bay a 21-17 lead in the third quarter. It would take a Favre-to-Sharpe miracle later, but Green Bay won the wildcard game 28-24.

3. A, Matt Hasselbeck. Now Holmgren's starter for his so-far unbeaten Seahawks, Hasselback has his humble beginnings as the second-to-last draft pick of the Holmgren Era. He spent 1998 on the Green Bay practice squad, then won a back-up role in 1999. He went 3-for-10 that year, even throwing a touchdown pass to tight end Jeff Thomason on a fake field goal.

4. D, St. Louis Rams. In the first season that the Packers played all their home games at Lambeau, they opened with a clunker. The Rams surprised the Packers 17-14 on Sept. 3, 1995. The Green and Gold would not lose against at Lambeau for nearly 3 years.

5. C, Mike Sherman. The Packers' current head coach and GM was part of Holmgren's staff, but not until Feb. 19, 1997 when he became the Packers' tight ends-assistant offensive line coach. He held that job for two seasons before leaving with Holmgren for Seattle. BONUS: Reid (Philadelphia), Mariucci (San Francisco, Detroit), Gruden (Oakland, Tampa Bay), Ray Rhodes (Philadelphia, Green Bay), and Dick Jauron (Chicago).

STUMPER: Sterling Sharpe recorded the Packers' first points under Holmgren on a 12-yard pass from Don Majkowki in the first quarter of the contest vs. the Vikings on Sept. 6, 1992. Antonio Freeman's 15-yard touchdown reception from Brett Favre gave the Packers a 27-23 lead with just 1:56 to go in their divisional playoff game in San Francisco on Jan. 3, 1999. A non-call on a Jerry Rice fumble and a heartbreaking Steve Young-to-Terrell Owens touchdown ended the Packers' playoff run as well as the Holmgren Era.

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