Sherman Sez

Here's what Mike Sherman had to say after his team's impressive 35-13 win over the Seattle Seahawks Sunday at Lambeau Field.<P>

On the importance of the victory, especially with former coach Mike Holmgren on the opposing sideline:

"This was a great victory for the Green Bay Packers, not Mike Sherman," Sherman aid. "It doesn't really matter who was on the other side of the ball."

On Brett Favre's performance:

"Brett was in a zone and making plays. It didn't have anything to do with who was on the other sideline I promise you, it has everything to do with the guys we had on the field making plays for him and him making good decisions and just play. I thought he was outstanding today. Just his leadership and how we played together I thought was outstanding."

On the defense's improvement: "I am really proud of our defense. We were struggling, we could not stop them in the first half. They were running the ball we force a turnover and they come down again and score and we were really struggling stopping them. It's not so much the bad things that happen to you on a football field or in life, its how you react to them. And at halftime we get that shored up and the guys come out in the second half and pitch a shut out. And I think that was the key to the football game. If we couldn't stop them this would have been a 38-37, 40-38 type of ballgame, but fortunately we were able to do that. So as bad as the first half was for our defense I'm extremely proud of the fact that we were able to not panic and give in to this thing, but they fought back and played a better second half.

"We pressured them maybe a little more then we did in the first half. Obviously the score dictated some of what we were able to do defensively."

On offense's preparation and execution: "We had a great week of practice. I thought we had great preparation and game planning ... I thought Tom Rossley did a fantastic job as he has throughout this year. I thought we did a good job of executing our offense. If you execute the offense it works. That is a very good defensive football team coming into this football game and we were very much aware of that and knew we had to get them running one way and maybe go back the other way with some of our misdirections and whatnot. They are a good defense and not easy to run against. It came down to guys blocking and running hard and that's what we did."

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