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Here are a few e-mails received by Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth after the Packers' 35-13 victory over the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday at Lambeau Field:<p>

Hey, Packers way to go against The Seahawks!

Honorable Menition: Gilbert Brown and Joe Johnson. In the 2nd half you came alive. Well you finally Blitzed and pressured the QB (Fritz is rolling over in his grave - Love that man BTW). Keep it up we all are following you ; you wouldn't believe the Men and Women who are Packer fans in The Military in Iraq right now. Keep it up and believe what Vince believed... "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing".

Go Pack!

Erik Hass

A loyal Pack fan since '66 stuck in Seattle

Dear Packers,

It's time for all the members of this proud franchise to truly step it up, and time for every Lambeau attendee at this Sunday's home game against the Chiefs to GET LOUD AND BE PROUD!

Ex-Packer Vonnie Holliday has been yapping a great deal to the local press here in the K.C. metro about Kansas City being "the best place to play" in the NFL. He has said that Chiefs' fans are "better and louder" than Packer fans. "Coming from Green Bay," said Holliday to the Kansas City Star, "I didn't think that could be true,but it is."

As a lifelong Cheesehead and Packer Stockholder, I am insulted by Vonnie's comments, as should be the case with every player and fan in Green Bay. Here's the plan:

Establish Ahman Green and keep the K.C. defense on their heels. NO turnovers! Moreover,we must stop Priest Holmes. We must stay in our coverage lanes and keep Dante Hall from long returns. We must score early and often and force the Chiefs to play catch up all game long. As much or more importantly, all Packer fans in Lambeau on Sunday must be willing to lose their voices screaming at the tops of their lungs on every play,regardless of the score! Trent Gr een, Vonnie Holliday, and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs must not be allowed to hear themselves think! I'd love it, too, if many of our fans could make big signs that read: PACKER FANS-LOUDER & PROUDER! and NO PLACE LIKE LAMBEAU!

Having lived in the Kansas City area since 1980, I can tell you that Chiefs' fans are the most notorious bandwagon-jumpers in the NFL. While Lambeau Field has filled every seat since 1959, Arrowhead Stadium's seats had cobwebs on them before 1991. In the last 2 seasons alone, when it became clear that Kansas City was out of the playoffs, those laughably "loyal" Chiefs fans would be no-shows at Arrowhead, with 20-30,000 empty seats per game. Some loyalty!

Come on, Packers and their fans, time to make Holliday and the swaggering Chiefs eat big helpings of crow and humble pie. We CAN do it, and we MUST!

John Gorman

Lenexa, KS

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