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Here are excerpts from coach Mike Sherman's post-game press conference following the Packers' 40-34 OT loss to Kansas City Sunday at Lambeau Field:<P>

Here's what Packer Coach Mike Sherman had to say after his team's devastating 40-34 overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday at Lambeau Field.

On how his team will bounce back from this loss:

"I have tremendous confidence in this football team. I believe in them and I think that we fought well. When you start the season – it's an old cliché – but it's like running a race. Each season, the goal is the same, but sometimes because of the talent or circumstances, you may slip here or you may have to get up or run here, but it's a long race. Right now we fell down and we've got to get back up, but the race still goes on and our players will continue to run and hopefully pick up more speed… I believe that these guys have the character that you need to run this type of race. There's going to be different obstacles you've got to go over, but the goal is the same as it always is."

More on the game's outcome: "I never really felt we had the game under control. This is a very explosive team on the special teams and on the offense and so I never totally felt that feeling that we had the game in control. As I told the team, I was very, very disappointed. I am really disappointed for them because they worked extremely hard in the ball game. I told them before the game it was going to be like a heavyweight, 15-round, knock-down, drag-out fight and it was all of that and someone has to win and someone has to lose and we lost. But I am very disappointed for them because they worked so hard to win this football game and it didn't happen. Kansas City won the game. They deserved to win the game. They made the plays they had to in the end and we didn't. But I am disappointed for the football team."

On KC returnman Dante Hall:

"He still made a couple of plays against us, but I thought Ryan Longwell kicked the ball extremely well. We know he kicked the ball out of bounds on the first one, but his second one that went out of bounds was a great kick, it just took a bad bounce. I think overall we did a pretty decent job containing Hall and keeping him out of the end zone."

On the performance of the defense: "I guess I have to look at the tape tomorrow and analyze that and be more worried or less worried based on what I see, but I'm not going to surmise right now where we are defensively. We certainly gave a lot of points today against a very explosive offense, more points than I thought we would. I'm obviously concerned, but I'll know more in the morning."

On Brett Favre's interception and overall performance: "I don't look at things like (the interception). I look at his overall performance. I thought he played one heck of a ball game. One pass that deflects off of somebody's body for an interception certainly is a huge part of the game, but he had other plays that put us in position to win the game. So, no, I don't look at that game and say everything else is terrible – that one pass that wasn't exactly right on the body. No, I can't say that. I thought he played a very good ball game. I thought he showed great leadership and great emotion during the ball game."

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