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Here are e-mails received by Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth in the wake of Green Bay's 40-34 overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday at Lambeau Field:<p>


Today was a disappointing loss indeed, in fact I thought I was going to blow lunch after the game. That aside a lot of positives can be taken from this performance.

1. The offense is proving that it can deliver the firepower necessary to compete with the best teams in the league.

2. The special teams did a good job of containing Hall and overall played well today (thanks Josh Bidwell & Rod Walker).

3. The defense is showing real signs of improvement although there's obvious room for improvement in the pass rush department and secondary containment (when a 17 point lead is established the door should have stayed slammed on the Chiefs.).

The Chiefs deserve all the credit in the world for fighting back twice to even the deficit and eventually winning the ball game in a hostile environment like Lambeau. That took character and guts. The billion dollar question is will the Packers show this same resolve when faced with continued adversity the remainder of the season?.

Best Regards,.

Emory Safford, another wounded Cheesehead


Packer Report,

Let's see what's happened so far this season, fellow Packer fans: Vikings at home:lost, Lions at home: won At Cardinals:lost, At Bears:won, Seahawks at home:won, Chiefs at home:lost. Record: 3-3 Here are my predictable predictions for the rest of this sorry season that lies ahead. At Rams: lose, At Vikings: lose, Eagles at home: win, At Bucs: lose, 49ers at home: lose, At Lions: win, Bears at home:win, At Chargers: win, At Raiders: lose, Broncos at home:lose. Final Record: 7-9. (49er game MIGHT be a win). Given a gracious benefit of the doubt: 8-8. Last season an 8-8 or even 7-9 record would have been good enough to win the NFC North. Not this year Packer Fans, NOT this year..

Gary Allen, Sunnyvale, Calif..


Packer Report,

I'm a West Michigan Packer Backer and darn proud of it! I'm also tired of hearing Packer fans across the country saying "we don't have this" and Favre needs that! We can't have an all pro at every position! I will defend Mike Sherman to the end! He is one of the best coaches in the league. Although we lost to KC in OT, there are many positives to take out of this game, like the defense blocking a field goal, Priest Holmes being shut down, and Nick Barnett looking like the defensive rookie of the year!

When a team gets a lead it is easy to let your guard down and I believe this young defense will rebound just fine! I didn't hear anyone complaining about Ahman's two TD's and 100+ yards rushing or Favre's brilliant passing while we were up 31 - 14! But as I am typing this letter, I'm sure there is a so called fan out there typing another downgrading of a fine football team. The defense will learn from this and Sharper was one play away from this game having a whole different ending! Fumbles and tipped balls are part of the game and I am sure this team will be in the thick of things at the end of this season! I'll be there with them!

Mike (Packman) Kathan, Holton, MI.



I've been a Packer backer for 45-plus years I would like to know where OUR winning philosophy went! We seldom have the privilege or luxury of having a 17 point lead going into the fourth quarter.

But for some God unknown reason we can't kick BUTT. The hell with prevent defense! Lets play NOT TO LOSE but rather lets play to WIN!

Tucker, aka Tom SCHULZ

Hey Packer Fans, Did You Notice Najeh Davenport Back As Running Back. Sherman Kept Him Out For Two Games Because He Fumbled Twice In The Lions Game. I Wonder If He Will Do The Same Green???

From Gerald

I listen to the post game show after every game as I am driving home from my dad's house...I heard over and over again what a spectacular game Favre had and I don't know what to make of it. His completion percentage was maybe higher than usual but what what was his average per pass? I think Driver had 7 catches for 60 yards! That is a fullback stat! I saw one slant and it worked to perfection! West coast wins ball games, especially when you are as thin as we appear to be. I will say that 'the pick' was not Drivers fault, he barely got a hand on it. The fumble was Greens fault, but that was a great hit right on the ball! The bottom line is we should not have been in that position to begin with. I don't know what Rosley calls his scheme, but bring back Holmgren's version of the west coast, if not the man at least the playbook. Then he could point randomly at various plays and say "how 'bout this?" He will at least LOOK like a genious and we won't be 3-6 next month at this time......defensively, frankly I found it offensive late in the game, were they just tired from lack of substitutions or are they, just that bad........

I've been a Packer fan for many years, lean and good..

If the Packer's Defensive guru isn't smart enough to see a 'suck-in' at the end of the game (run, run, run, run: and the LB's and DB's get closer and closer to the line) and doesn't have the sense to watch for a pass, he does NOT deserve a job in the NFL... There are also times that our Offensive Co-ordinater and play caller has a tendency to go 'soft' and 'sit on the lead.... BORING.!!

Every week Sherman says, "I'm so proud of my team and coaches because we fought until the end.".... Speaking of which, I'd take Holmgren over Sherman any day.! Talk about a lack of emotion on the sideline.. Wake Up, Mike.! Are you bored.? The only difference between Sherman and Rhodes is the chewing gum.!

I'm not saying that I think Mike Sherman is a bad coach, but he did inherit a good team from Holmgren..? Now that he's running it...?


Robert Wagner, Seymour, Wis.

Dear Todd,

This was one of the most exciting games I could have asked for. Spending nearly my entire life (and that's a VERY long time!) in Packerland and being a big fan. 2 1/2 yrs ago I moved to Kansas with my fiance whom is a HUGE Chiefs fan. I have always told him that I will be a Chiefs fan as long as they are NOT playing the Packers!!! I was safe right? The Chiefs never play the Packers!!! Oh no, not THIS year!! So, very rarely ever being able to watch the Pack televised here, I was finding myself cheering on the Chiefs along with my new family. Sundays game was different. I was being pulled in both directions. Did I want the team I have stuck behind all these years end up taking my new familys Chiefs no loss season away? Decisions, Decisions! I ended up finding myself cheering happily for the Packers when they would score. But then, I was on the edge of my seat during the last few minutes of the game hoping it would tie up! IT DID!!! Oh nooo, now who do I choose? The tug-o-war was killing me! I guess when it got right down to the final score, I would be happy with whom ever won. They both played a terrific game and made it VERY exciting for Chiefs and Packers fans alike.

Mandy B., Hillsboro, KS.

I waited a day to send this letter,I needed that time to calm down after watching the Packers blow a 17 point lead,and lose the game. I said it clear back to pre-season,that the defense was going to be suspect this season,and after 6 games my assessment is correct. In the last issue of the Packer Report,I couldn't agree more with Bill Huber's story on the money the Packers organization is spending on just the defensive line.Joe Johnson is a "BUST",and should have his contract renegotiated at the end of the season.We should have resigned Vonnie Holiday instead of Cletidus Hunt,he had proven himself a better player.KGB and Gilbert Brown are showing alot of heart this season,but if you watch their both being double teamed alot,plus Gilbert is playing through an injury that should have him on IR.

As for the dreadlock twins, they couldn't stop my little nephew from catching a touchdown pass. Where's the tough nosed corner's we had under Fritz Shurmur? When we had Doug Evans, Eugene Robinson, Leroy Butler in the secondary receivers were scared to catch the ball,they knew they were going to get smacked when they caught it. The "DAISIES" we have now, the receivers just laugh at them when the run past them,as Moss did in game one.

In my opinion, Mike Sherman made some serious blunders in free agency on the defense,and now it's coming back to bite him in the ass.

Peter Schwind, Lima Ohio

Looks like Favre needs to have another talk with Tom Rossley about the offense ( After a game where they owned a very, very good KC team, the offense absolutely shut down the play calling after Najeh Davenport's TD. Not another first down pass after that. Green was running well but only because the pasing game was working so well. Once KC saw that GB was going to "protect the lead" mode (too often also known as lose the game mode!) they swamped the run and force GB into 3rd and long passing. This was a classic case of fixing something that wasn't broken and breaking it badly. Let's hope they quit being gun-shy with a lead and let the offense play their style of football. That's the only way we'll beat the the likes of the Vikes and the Broncos.

Steve McCarthy

I was thrilled after seeing my first Packer regular season game at Lambeau agaisnt Kansas City. The only thing that could have made it better if the Pack would have won the game . I hate to critcize a team that I have been a fan of for over 35 years but most of the time when you score 34 points that is enough to win a ballgame . I realize Kansas City is very explosive team but I can't help to wonder what happen to the pack's pass rush . Some people might disagree with me but I think we have a very talented defensive backfield but if you don't put some pressure on the quarterback no matter how good your defensive backs are somebody is going to get open . I am no football guru but I do know if the Packers want to win some ball games they better figure out how to start applying some pressure to the quaterback.

Steve DeLawyer, Nevada , Ia.

Sunday's game was an amazing game. The Packers kept Dante Hall out of the end zone on punt returns and kick offs which ESPN and others said we could never do. The Packers made KC fight for that win and didn't hand it over to them like the analysists said they would. We won several battles, unfortunately we didn't win the war. It was a good game even though the "W" didn't go on our side. GO PACK! The season is not over yet!

Mary, Lima, Ohio

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