Going to bat for Green

No doubt, when the ball slipped from Ahman Green's arm, the game went with it in Green Bay's 40-34 OT loss to Kansas City Sunday. But the groundwork for disappointment had been set in place long before the unfortunate fumble, and Green's teammates rallied to the defense of the Packer's powerful running back.<P>

Consider these factors: A 15-yard face mask penalty that sprung Kansas City from a deep hole thanks to a rare Dante Hall mistake ... KC's 76-yard touchdown return on the game's only interception ... Priest Holmes slicing through the line for 41 yards in overtime ... and perhaps most damaging, an anemic pass rush that all but sealed Green Bay's fate when the Chiefs won the toss.

That list of miscues is probably little comfort to Green, who sat dejectedly on the bench long after the teammates who tried to console him had left the field.

"I will line up with Ahman Green until the day I die," said center Mike Flanagan. "He plays hard, he's a damn good back. He doesn't get nearly enough credit. It's unfortunate, but it happened.

"I'm not going to fault Ahman because we go as Ahman goes. He's that good," Flanagan said. "He was the better back on the field today."

Green 139 yards tripled the production of KC's Holmes, who gained 40 yards in regulation before turning on the jets in OT.

Backup Tony Fisher also rushed to Green's defense:

"It happens to the best of them. We're going to ride with Ahman no matter what. He's the best player on the team, probably. Things happen."

The loss broke the Packers' streak of 16 wins when Green rushes for more than 100 yards, dating back to when the running back came to GB in a trade from Seattle.

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