Sharper voices disapppointment

Back in the good old days, safety LeRoy Butler lobbied coaches to let him blitz more in order to boost the effectiveness of the Packer pass rush.<p> The names have changed, but the story remains the same. Now it's Darren Sharper who is speaking out.<p>

The veteran safety said he should be used in the blitz to make it more effective.

"I think I have to be incorporated a little more with the blitz," Sharper told reporters Monday and in an Associated Press report. "Just having four guys isn't going to do it."

Sharper had a few more suggestions as well, aimed at unnamed big-money players who - in Sharper's estimation - haven't been earning their pay.

"I have to make something happen out there," Sharper said. "If you get paid to do that and they're not calling your name a lot on that loudspeaker, then I think you're not only not earning your job, you're not earning your check.

"So those people who just got a lot of money recently, if you're not hearing their name a lot, then they could have given that to somebody else."

Add damage control to defensive coordinator Ed Donatell's list of responsibilities.

"The most important thing is to stresss the goal and that they have time to get it done and to trust in each other and work smart and hard," Donatell, who met with reporters Monday."

Restoring morale is not Donatell's only task at hand, however. The defensive line has produced only 4.5 sacks and now the lack of production is compounded by a rash of injuries. The team ranks near the bottom of the league in pass defense.

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