Favre & Sapp — Perfect Together

Friendships are rarely made on the football field, especially when the individuals involved are opponents. But Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre and Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Warren Sapp have entertained fans for years with their on-field friendship just as much as with their Pro Bowl abilities and combativeness.

The two will be on stage again this Sunday when the undefeated Packers (3-0) take on the Buccaneers (1-1) in Tampa, where the Packers have not won since 1997.

Favre and Sapp, who have nine All-Star appearances between them, are an unlikely pair of friends. They play on opposite sides of the ball, have completely different backgrounds, night-and-day appearances, and play for cities that are as different as they are.

Favre is the lean quarterback from little-known Kiln, Mississippi, while Sapp is the 300-pound defensive lineman from tourist-mecca Orlando, Florida.

Favre plays for the bragging rights of the frigid, blue-collar city of Green Bay, Wisconsin while Sapp lines up for the under-the-sun, palm-tree town of Tampa, Florida. Yet the football field has united these two players.

Following are brief reflections by Favre and Sapp on their relationship, which has to be described as one of the most unique and entertaining in NFL annals:

Q: What do you respect most about Warren Sapp?
A: It's how great a player he is. It's how quick he is and how on every play he never, ever quits. His quickness is able to overcome every running back, every scramble -- you're never out of his reach.

Q: What is the most memorable exchange between the two of you?
A: Probably when I asked him about his weight in the playoff game in Green Bay in 1997. I asked him how much he weighed. He said 295, but I think he probably was about 315 at the time.

He jokingly said, 'I'm 295!' I said, 'You're more than that.' He laughed and smiled and said, 'Maybe a little bit.'

Q: What do you respect most about Brett Favre?

A: He's the ultimate quarterback. All you have to do is look at him play. Every time he goes out on the field, you find out what kind of guy he is. He's still the ultimate warrior, make no mistake about that. You have to go out and take his heart out to win a ballgame.

Q: What is the most memorable exchange between the two of you?
A: It was in the 1997 NFC Divisional playoffs at Lambeau Field. On one play, Favre is jawing at me, insisting that he can outrun me. I was like, "Are you serious?" He said, "I'm sure I can." Later in the game, I chased Favre down for my second sack. When Favre saw that I got him, we both laughed. He said, "You gotta' love this!" I said, "You know I do. I'll be hunting you down all day long."

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