Packers defend teammates

After comments by safety Darren Sharper were published by the Associated Press and many other media sources across the state, his teammates have rallied to his defense and deny that any friction exists, players told the media Tuesday.<P>

"That's not a true story. It's a false statement," said Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila in reference to Sharper's comments calling out highly-paid defensive teamamtes.

Added KGB in the report published by the Associated Press: "The truth is we need to get better, but (Sharper) didn't make a comment toward a plyaer. He was just speaking about something totally different."

As for the alledged friction, "(it) is not even there," KGB said.

Sharper declined to speak to the media Tuesday after his comments were published Tuesday. He did not name specific players in his Monday comments to the media, but Sharper was quoted as saying "If you get paid to (make something happen) and they're not calling your name a lot on that loudspeaker, then I think you're not only not earning your job, ytou're not earning your paycheck.

"So those people who just got a lot of money recently, if you're not hearing their name a lot, then they could have given that money to somebody else, right?"

Meeting the press Tuesday to discuss his cracked thumb, quarterback Brett Favre weighed in on the issue, cautioning against assigning blame.

"No one ever points fingers when you're winning," Favre said. "Everyone loves everybody. I think a player's true character is never revealed during the good times."

"Then all of a sudden when something bad happens, it may not be through the media, but it may be in the locker room or through word of mouth," Favre aid. "More than anything, that can just break a team down. So, you're always concerned about that. Even though I sit up here and say we have good guys and the chemistry has been great, that can always change. One person can break it all down."

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