'Bye-ing' some time

The Packers need this week off to take care of several hurts, and Brett Favre's cracked thumb is just one of them.<p> One problem they'll address is how to avoid extending their current two-game losing streak. Green Bay heads into their bye week on a two-game losing streak for the first time since 1991. Based on bye-week history, the Pack will have to buck some trends to turn it around this time.<p>

That was the end of the Lindy Infante Era, and the last season in which Green Bay finished with a losing record (4-12).

Aggravating this year's situation is the Packers' post-bye destination: a date in the dome with the unbeaten Vikings. The storyline of the Packers' dome demise is an old one. After bye weeks, it seems to get worse. Each time the Packers have played in a dome after a bye week, they have lost. This year marks the first time Green Bay has two indoor games sandwiched around their week of "rest."

Other interesting runs include a five-season stretch from 1991-95 when the Packers lost their game after the bye. Only twice, 2001 and 1990, did the Packers win the game following the bye when they lost the game before.

Here's trip through the Packers' bye week history with year, record entering bye week (with streak), and results of the game following the break:

2003: 3-4 (2-game L streak), ??.

2002: 6-1 (5-game W streak), W.

2001: 4-2 (1 loss), W

2000: 3-4, (1 win), L.

1999: 2-1 (1 win), W.

1998: 4-1 (1 loss), L.

1997: 5-2 (2-game W streak), W.

1996: 6-1 (3-game W streak), W

1995: 3-1 (1 win), L.

1994: 3-3 (1 win), L.

1993: 1-1 (1 loss), L.

1992: 2-3 (1 loss), L.

1991: 1-5 (3-game L streak), L.

1990: 2-4 (2-game L streak), W.

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