Mike's remarks

Here are some of Packers coach and general manager Mike Sherman's comments after Green Bay's 30-27 victory over the Minnesota Vikings Sunday night in the Metrodome...

On how win boosts team's confidence:
"It's one game. It's a big one, however. This is the second half of the season. I told the guys, ‘What's happened has happened.' Before this game we were 3-4. Things didn't always go our way. Sometimes we didn't let them go our way because we victimized ourselves too many times. But I said, ‘Let's just play the second half and play with the best effort and the best physicality that we can possibly play.' I thought they did a good job of that. I thought they were very physical today and they needed to be when they came over here."

On the play of Javon Walker:
"It doesn't surprise me. Javon Walker is a heck of a player. He's going to be a great Green Bay Packer football player in years to come. He made some big-time plays today."

On final touchdown drive:
"I'm pleased with every phase of the team, but for the offense to take that drive. ... I was pleased with that. That certainly was a big statement at that time of the game."

On touchdown to Randy Moss early in game:
"We were in a coverage called ‘Seven Slice.' It was a third and 1 and it was a great play call by them. We hunkered down to play the run. ... Moss did what he does best. He made a great catch. They got that play on us. But I thought our defensive backs did a great job on him. I thought we had a good scheme on him. You don't always take Moss out of the game. He's one of the great players in the game right now. "

On if he thought the team would run well against the Vikings:
"I challenged the staff that we had to get 150 yards rushing and they gave me 100 more. We knew we had to come in here and do a good job and I thought our guys rose to the challenge today and did what they had to do."

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