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Fans encouraged after big victory over Vikings

Here are e-mails received by Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth in the wake of Green Bay's 30-27 victory over the Minnesota Vikings Sunday night in Minneapolis:

Packer Report,

The game Sunday night was a great sight to see. In the past, when our opponents had a running game or passing game that was clicking, there seemed to be nothing done to alter our defense to combat the problem. This past Sunday when the Vikings were looking good and moving the ball well, there seemed to be some changes made in our defensive set up that put a stop to their attack. I spoke with Fred Cone (Packers 1951-57) and Judy, at a restaurant Monday morning and he said he saw the difference, too.

Our players were completing plays on defense as well as offense. It  wasn't just the same thing over and over that the Vikings could stop. The Pack kept coming up with a little more and a little different alignments and routes with effort which kept the Vikes from handling them as a team. Then when they got the ball, the Packers were in the right places to make the stops and prevent pass completions. It certainly seemed that the coaching staff was making adjustments that gave us the edge in the game.

Of course there were plays by Favre, Walker, Green and others that were not coaching triumphs, but just outstanding individual plays by various Packers. We knew Favre can block and I hope he will believe that we will remember he can, and not demonstrate it any more, unless absolutely necessary. The Pack looked to really be back in the Minnesota dome. And that is a great place to show it. The Eagles at Lambeau should have the coaches coming up with more special adjustments to keep the Pack aware of Philadelphia's strengths and keep them under control.

Keep up the fine play team, it is great for fans of 60+ years, like myself, to see the Titletown football demonstrated for the world to admire again. When people ask me where I'm from I just say, "Well, I was born in Green Bay"  the rest is just God's grace.

Rod Johnson, Young Harris, Ga.


While I'm as thrilled as any Packer faithful over our latest triumph, I'm wondering if anyone else was at all disappointed when we appeared to more or less kneel on the ball and play protection with only a seven-point lead late in the fourth. The Packer offense was absolutely dismantling an exhausted Vikings defense in what was unusual territory for them to be in. The Vikings didn't appear to have any answers for Brett Favre and our offense, and they were sucking some serious wind. A field goal these days, in spite of Longwell's thus far flawless field-goal percentage, isn't anywhere near as automatic as it once was. So what's with suddenly changing the tempo and readying for the field goal?

Favre wasn't making poor decisions. He was confident. I was wondering who would be the recipient of the nail in the coffin and his fourth TD pass. The way we played it, I was worried. That's one Viking offense that, with Culpepper's rocket-launcher and the hops of Randy Moss, can score or draw interference quickly and easily. The Vikings recover that onside kick and I'm not the only one thinking: why in hell didn't we try and score another touchdown instead of sitting back and again playing it conservative?

In Favre We Trust,
Jason Wiegand, Iowa City, Iowa

Packer Report,

Once Brett Favre does decide to retire, he will be rememered for many things. You got the consecutive starts for a QB, passing yards, touchdown passes, number of games he won as a packer . I will always remember Brett Favre for these things, but one of the biggest things I will remember about him will never be in a record book and that is his toughness. How he played while hurt and how he was never afraid to throw a block for a teammate like the one that sprung Ahman Green late in the Minnesota game. Only a handfull of QB's would do this and I am glad we have one in Green Bay by the name of Brett Favre.

Steve DeLawyer, Nevada , Iowa

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