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Tuesday Morning Trivia Quiz

Some brain-teasers for a Tuesday morning. Test your Packers knowledge and talk about it in the <A HREF="">Packer Report Fan Forum</A>!

The outstanding performance of the Green Bay offense in the Metrodome won't soon be forgotten. Packer fans can see just how much they remember about other memorable rushing performance with today's trivia test. Answers will be posted in this article and on the Packer Report Fan Talk forum later this afternoon!

  1. The Packers' 261-yard rushing performance vs. the Vikings Sunday marked their most prolific ground game since posting a 285-yard effort in a 43-10 win over the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field on Oct. 6, 1985. Who was the leading rusher in that game?

    A) Eddie Lee Ivery
    B) Terdell Middleton
    C) Kenneth Davis
    D) Jesse Clark

  2. In that game, seven players recorded at least two carries and six of those gained more than 25 yards. Which of the following Packers did not have a carry in that game?

    A) Harlan Huckleby
    B) Paul Ott Carruth
    C) Lynn Dickey
    D) Gary Ellerson

  3. Who was the last opponent to rush for 200 yards against the Packers?
    A) Terrell Davis
    B) Emmitt Smith
    C) Gregg Bell
    D) Walter Payton

  4. Jim Taylor was the team's leading rusher in Super Bowl I with 53 yards on 16 carries. Who was their leading rusher in Super Bowl II?

    A) Ben Wilson
    B) Donnie Anderson
    C) Elijah Pitts
    D) Jim Taylor

  5. WHO AM I?

    * This Packer was drafted in the first round with the 12th overall pick in 1973 draft.
    * He was the Packers' season leader in rushing only once (1977) during his 8 years with the team.
    * Led Green Bay in touchdowns in 1976 with 5.
    * Attended the University of Richmond.


  1. D, Jesse Clark. While he didn't even get within spitting distance of the 100-yard mark, the third-year RB out of Arkansas led the Pack attack with 74 yards on 15 carries.
  2. B, Paul Ott Carruth. The fullback didn't get his first NFL carry until 1986, when he came to the Packers as a free-agent  after first signing with the Birmingham Stallions of the U.S.F.L. out of Alabama in 1985.
  3. C, Gregg Bell. The L.A. Ram ran over the Packers for 221 yards in the Rams' 41-38 win at the Coliseum on Sept. 24, 1989.
  4. A, Ben Wilson. The fullback played just one season in Green Bay, finishing his Packer career with 65 yards on 13 carries in the Packers' victory over the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl II. Wilson was second in rushing during the regular season with 453 yards, just a shade behind Jim Grabowski who led the team with 466 yards.
  5. WHO AM I? Barty Smith.

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